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Tech Omega - How Would U Feel
(from the album Good Vs. Evil)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1: Tech Omega
My sister became pregnant she held so much pride//
How would you feel if your whole family cried//
Because years couldnít hide the fact the baby died//
I tried to act cold as ice but even my tears slide//
Emotional problems got my angers to open wide//
I try to reside but this anger never slides//
Yellin at my girl its like a tide begin to collide//
Losin trust in you thinkin you may leave my side//
Our love could fall apart//and never kiss the skies//
I get nervous when talk to other chicks or guys//
Iím always askin the how when wheres and whys//
2nd guess ya heart n thought you told lies//
Feelin sick realized i brought tears to ya eyes//
4yrs since ya dads died you've been strong//
All you got is ya sister me and ya beatiful moms//
And ima always be here to hold you in my arms//
Deepest pains got me livin my life so very wrong//
So for you aliza i like to dedicate to this song//

How you feel feel livin in darkest fears//
How would you feel ....if you had to feel these tears//
How would you feel if you felt these tears for years//
How would you feel.....2X

Verse 2: Tech Omega
Iíve tripped once now Iím fightin to just to be straight//
But its hard when you relate to type of case//
How would you feel if you family showed so much hate//
Ya sister wants to see you and ya girlfriend seperate//
Your brothers face is filled with despair and disgrace//
And you only got 2 people who simply can relate//
Issues got me runnin higher and faster then ah fever//
See I was kicked out of home no where to sleep bra//
Down on life and i'm mad thinkin my girls cheater//
Thinkin even my boy will aint have my back neither//
But see i was wrong and theyve always covered my back//
And wish my tears could show em on type track//
To be honest ...i would've never thought twice//
Been at a time where me and pops got into a fight//
My tears begin to shine brighter then moon at night//
Knowin my own father was ready to take my life//
How would you feelin knowin thats fact and its right//
Iím sure most of yall listned you'd feel the same//
I guess pain is love and love is pain//
Word is bond days still shine even when it rains//
So aliza i keep my head up and never complain//


Verse 3: Tech Omega
Ayo lifeís trip if I ever got the chance to see freedom i'd never miss it//
Locked up by tears of depression I canít kick it//
Doctors and psychologists label me as autistic//
My fam says they got me this far and got me lifted//
But I truly feel Iím just a artist thatís truly gifted//
Each tear paints the canvas with these colors and these blows//
That unfold from the deepest chambers of my heart and soul//
Locked up in rehab...i had no where to go//
Surrounded by victims of suicidal thoughts who were on coke//
Who had a story like mines but..... instantly broke//
Trust me people i can relate I know life is hard//
Just one story out my life through out this bar//
Taking steps to make it in this world to take some charge//
I'm 18yr old but Iíve reached it this far//
My name is Thurston Iím just reaching for a star//
I'm just looking for a start...just some where to begin//
Long as my shorty remains my love and my best friend//
Thatís how I would feel with out a doubt or a question//
So when it comes right down to the world//
All I that I truly need is my girl//