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Tech Omega - Talk With Your Heart
(from the album Soul Music)
© copyright 2004

Verse 1:
I'm on and Shinin Brighter I'm on n rhymin Tighter/
I'm on the line of fire I'm rhymin higher/
This is war no time for a crier/
I'm lookin for truth cause i lost the lier/
Let me get the beat back let me spit the heat back/
Yall gotta see that please believe that/
I will never leave rap/
I speak to beats n bleed back/
F all the weed jack/
I got what my peoples need black/
I got the skills back/
Yall gotta feel that past appeal black/
This is skill n real rap/
Step back n chill jack wack raps we kill that/
How can i say this, how can i make this/
How can i blaze this, how many graces/
Blessed our faces/
How many hate this cause their so racist/
And cant display peace in any places/

Its jumpin in my soul/
its bumpin in my flow/
Its my life thats not willin to go/
My life my pain my music/
Like my flame cant lose it/
The fame i dont choose it/

Verse 2:
I choose to be the leader/
I choose to be the speaker/
Hiphop ill never leav ya/
My hearts thumpin deeper/
I gotta lot to say/
I gotta lot to do/
No time for play i gotta move/
Heard yall sayin raps old/(pause)
Hiphopin aint stopin though/
Turntables rockin souls/
Bboys pop n lockin yo/
Graffitti toppin the show/
Mcs droppin the flow/
Thugs cockin shots n blows/
We gotta show cats and racist we flow back/
Step up and vote back/
Break records throw tracks/
Play this real f fake games/
Step up and break many thing/
Speakour hearts n change things/
Spit fire blaze the game n f the pain/
Hold our heads high wit out no dang shame/


Verse 3:
i gotta hold n keep you/
I cant up n leave u/
I really just need you/