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Tech Omega - Music Resurrected
(from the album Theories of Liphe)
© copyright 2003

See its only one difference between me and you/
You rap I make the music (Music Resurrected)/

Verse 1: Tech Omega
The new jack coming back here to state the fact/
With the track, soul is white, yellow and black/
Rappers rap, musicians make the music/
Vocals of fury cruise to it-Shorty say ďI feel the way you do itĒ/
The path of a righteous man, son I had to choose it/
Holding mics, zoning out son Iím known to lose it/
To love bangers, DíAngelo got me singing the blues to it/
My ancestors move they shoes to it/
16, cornrows hypnotize my beats and flows/
Marvin Gaye and Chaka Khan souls/
Got my heart moving soon as the beat goes/
The life of happiness son, something I chose/
Like the moment that time froze/
Hip-hop became more the hoes dropping bowls and rocking fresh clothes/
Iím a mental street fighter like thoughts I conspire/
Expanding this verbal empire/
Rappers today, really got no fire/
Step up to be the first to call me a liar/
Iím only handing props to your ghostwrite/
Music is a beautiful queen with passion/
Brothers today smacking in the face leaving tears blasting/
Got her with needles crashing in her veins trapping/
The true essence of the true rapping-her bodies collapsing/
You choose to make mo rapes rocking wit R-Kelly on them tapes/
Forget him and you just motivates the musical wisdom my heart creates/
To break you fakes in my hears like musical earthquakes/
Resurrecting music the moment the rhyme accelerates.

Pump it up, pump it up til the lyrics blessin/
Put it up, put it up without no question/
Rocking to musicís resurrection.

Verse 2: Dynamics
Your theory of intellect does not concern me/
See my spirit existed since the dawn of eternity/
Physically manifested two years after 1980/
My tongue gets guzzy when I curse in pleasure when I lick ladies/
A wise man once told me this/
Good girls is hard to find hoes is hard to resist/
So I keep a hand full of cash in my fist/
And while I guzzle for knowledge others barely sip/
I was caught up there once but never again/
Your worse enemies will be those who you thought were your friends/
I speak truth even though it often offends/
Cuz time will always reveal whatís real in the end/
I seek wisdom while others try to get they cakeups/
Searching for jewels but not the kind you get from Jacob/
Brothers is sleeping, my words will make them wake up/
Like an alarm clock, yet I ainít got time to take up.


Verse 3: Soldier the Brainchyld
The vocal inflections of my verbal fury erupts inside the resurrection/
Of a mental slave made through the melodies of my mindís perfection/
Spit the acoustic meters of a revolution to stimulate the listenerís mind into connection/
With the Scriptures of Christ/
Voicing amplified vibratos of the truth to provide the sense of hopeís direction/
Reaching out as a movement of music, thriving inside the obsession/
Of my brothers and sisters shackled to the bands of mental oppression/
Collapse my lungs to breathe phonic rhythms of expression/
Astound the masses of the world with an injection/
Of lyrical soundwaves, molding my peoples perception/
Of the truth with the voiced resolution/
Of metaphors to provide the key of lifeís solution/
Drown the noise pollution/
Of the world with the tones of noble might/
To dispel the digital sounds of the ignorant staccato with the resurrection of my musicís sight.