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Tech Omega - Revolution
(from the album Soul Music)
© copyright 2004

Verse 1:
Forget the rhymin Jesus better be flyin 'cause land mines is risin/
Bad to see grown men cryin-8yr olds shot up and dyin/
Drug dealers supplyin/
Were writin n fightin cryin and still tryin/
But life is hard and that aint no lyin/
But theirs a lion in ya 9 dyin 2 be shinin/
Through Violins and Violents and Vibrants/
Were overcome by political giants/
Pushin the sound n silence/
Regardless Im speakin as a artist/
To our nations fathers Martin Luther King X and black marchers/
Tierd of blacks bein targerts of stereotypes im depart kid/
Live a new meanin lite it up and spark it/
I want human equality forget black rights/
All colors thats right I wanna feel it tell the fact bites/
tierd of fiens hittin crack pipes/
Whitny houstin get ya life up on and movin/
Cause this is the Uh revolution/

Music see i cant refuse this music/
I hold it like pride n never lose it/
music is my greatest influence

Verse 2:
Yo forget about the million's/
Im focus on life and this buildin positivte music for children/
I'm dropp what we need to be rockin n feelin/
Put our first up yeah u kno stopin the killin/
Yall popin n stealin just clockin and dealin/
Music is Me so rather then spit a lie/
Id rather quit and die but im not takin that route why/
Im 2 focus standin up reach the sky/
Holla at the kid i got that tigers Eye/
Throwin shots and blows-The kids got hiphops soul/
I rock shows and drop flows-Im comin hard till my cock blows/
Shorties feel the vibe and energy-Aint it time for some posivity/
Vividly picture me with this lyrical intensity/
Im tierd of flowin about ice and strife/
Im tryin 2 chill the kids gotta wife/
Smooth wit the craft when i rip mics/
One flight with insight/
Im just focus'n on a life built upon christ/