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Tech Omega - My Ancestor's Dream
(from the album Soul Music)
© copyright 2003

Its a lot more to lose then you gosta gain/
So while yall sell out for fame/
i remain the truth when i spit to the game/
all my heart in my pain.

Verse 1: Tech Omega
Ayo soul sister peep the revolution/
No need for prositution so your life will be movin/
Aint no need for losing your pride for so many years/
Ya souls drunk in beers/
Unable to hear the words that I kick in ya ears/
Cause your drowin in tears/
Like maria carey and that girl britny spears/
Y'all forever sinnin repeatin ya mistakes/
I'm forever beginning-me, I have no brakes/
I'm forever trancending A vision within my soul to be forever livin/
While yall steppin and never to be forgiven/
Me, I'm never missin im livin for children men n women/
While ja rule n 50 clap back/
I'm spittin the soul in this black track/
I throw points so catch that/
Speakin the fact back to another cat thats black/
White yellow n brown thats that/
Zonin on mics i just max black/
Put my fist up to dreams and smack the track.


Verse 2: Tech Omega
The names tech not the party type when i step/
While yall stay dumb (uh) like retared sex/
I elevate pass dollar bills and a check/
You the past im the next the new man i pasted the x/
So what u frontin on you not nice/
I bleed insipriate and drop a price/
Reppin projects is not a sacrafice/
Reppin makin it past the block to light is our hiphop sight/
Born in april 14th 1986/
A warrior who was born to clutch this mic and rip/
Where most fall and trip I stand tall n rip/
Not here to ball and spit, I'm here to brawl and flip/
I drink knowledge while y'all just take a small sip/
When it comes to music i give it my all quick/
Got all these dreams created/
Livin on for those who got assinated/
Rest in peace to x and mlk true ones who never made it/
I light mics up and blaze it giving my all i never save it/
Freedom for life i gotta taste it-Fightin for a deal i gotta make it/
In the underground i refuse to be situated/
I've droped a bomb and it detinated to leave this obilverated.