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Tech Omega - Get Mines
(from the album Comfortable Miseries)
© copyright 2006

(Tech Omega's part only)

Verse: Tech Omega
They say your hands like weed well get them high now/
Vibe down to the flow reminiscent of the chi-town/
Shawty said when you want it (um) how about right now/
Pipe down to the ground while I'm taking the flight round/
Rubber band the track cause I drop a tight sound/
I'm loving dark skins and i'm lovin the light brown/
With golden brown hair that flows like El-Nino/
Say Iím crazy nice! and I mean obscene bro/
Never gave a dream towards making that cream so/
I'm not blinded by no amount of cream yo/
A lot cats to focused when it comes to the doe/
So I lean and I rock and I drop the flow/
Catch me on the track ripping and banging the beat in/
Spit a little game until your shawty is on and cheesin/
Now your squeezing ya fist screaming whats the reason/
íCause a 16 had ya girl on and leaving.