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Macho - I Will Succeed
(from the album Freedom)
© copyright 2005, Tunnel Rat Music

Hey, yo, I will succeed, cuz if God be for me, who against me
Turn my enemies into mincemeat, yaíll canít offend me
Cuz I seen it all, done it all, heard it all
Been a couple years, yaíll ainít seen me on the curb at all
Iíve been working, grinding, moving
Losing myself in this music, choosing
The road less traveled, gunshots and gavels
They in my past, dawg, Iím ahead of my class
But not without struggle, not without trouble
Not without a whole lot of manure to shovel
Every day, another brother telling me he on my level
But he ainít never been face to face with the devil
Iím a Tunnel Rat, dawg, I got lines that embed in your brain
Iím a Christian, I got Scripture that settle your pain
Iím just skin and bones, homie, I can sin like the rest
But God saw my status and his work became flesh

Walk through the fire, the evil that men do (Come on)
Dawg, you ainít really been what I been through (Yaíll ainít in my shoes)
I will prevail as God will intend to (Thatís right)
I do what I gotta do, I will succeed

Hey, yo, I will succeed, cuz if God be for me, who against me
Voodoo canít harm me, dawg, you canít jinx me
Donít knock on wood, I just walk through your hood in peace
Without a piece, I refuse to be the cause of bloodshed on the streets
Dying prove your intake of phat lyrics and beats
I difuse the time bombs on chat rooms and sheets
Iím a warrior in this world, I canít choose defeat
No surrender, no retreat
When the clock strike midnight, I rock like hell is approaching
I almost feel the flame from the fire scorching
And I can feel the pain from my people hurting
I know that you searching, this game ainít working
But if God be for you, how can you fail
Suffering was not suspended, but He blazed the trail
Christ paid the bail, my mic tells the tail
The magnificent master of miracles will prevail


I keep moving Ďtil the sky crack open
Heads in the industry worry when I start quoting
This red letter, for better of worse Iím blessed, not cursed
And I spit the verse that reverse the turf
From a land of war to a land of the Lord
I use Scripture when I get ya, refer to it as my sword
And yeah, I implore you, donít force me to floor you
Many will come after and many came before you
But still I stand with a mic in my hand
With the truth on my lips so with a perfect plan
Some call it a blueprint, I know itís Godís will
Itís the reason I still stand though around me the cats peel
Reason I got peace though my neighborhoodís so ill
And I canít explain it, did nothing to attain it
Besides realize itís my call and accept it
And yeah, I recognize itís my gift so I perfect it