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Grits - On My Own
(from the album Factors of the 7)

Over the years we struggled while properly supported
If not gripping of the mic, mission would have to be aborted
Distorted thinking feelin' being bombarded by riches, quenches desires
You know the flesh is never satisfied
And if somebody told you that then they lied
Showing out for them cornball images they supplied
Got me crazy and twisted like and F-5 with a bit of jet lag you carry on like plane luggage or extra baggage
I think it's sad which enables me to further my thinkin' to it's entire capacity with audacity to tell you like it is
I'll pay no mind to steppin' on your toes
You wouldn't be offended by reproof if you were truly my bros
Truth erupts all throughout me
I'm backed by the Scripture so I care less if you doubt me
My parts been done, endorsed by someone greater than Nike
My psyche makes you wanna' be just like me.

This is me
All by myself
On my own
Psalms in the palm of my clutches
I'm Starsky with no Hutches.

The Ave. I travel is congruent to dope
my speech is fluent, wassup?
Uprisin' vocal tone
Mesmerizin' verbs and vowels dig so deep into your bowels
If I skip devotions throughout the day I'm thirstin' like Howell
Stay contained, be a trooper like Isuzu
Prophesied many times of God's plan, "Let him use you"
In an instance I reached the distance to eternity
devil dreamin' of burnin' me
Dream on demon-ic oppressor
Sit on shoulders like coins on the dresser
The lesser has upgraded to elegance big as elephants
Worldwide universal. antagonist dispersal
Hits front page what more could you ask for?


What you know about Hypocrisy?
The leaven of a Pharisee
Stare and see rapture passed you up, too busy watchin' me
Meticulous motions feed ridiculous notions-what's he hiding
Dissecting my articulate potions, commotions abound
Judging the sound while my inner gets beat down to its last compound
Chaotic try to find answers to my questions, oh I got it
Addin' advanced melodic robotics with the deity meetin' me with promise of never playin' us rock me Amadeus
The educating I'm preachin' the Gospel 'til everyone's relatin'
Your scating on thin ice
I rock once and then twice all by myself on my own-isn't that nice?

I had to get live
On my own, on my own
Proof that I rock
On my own, on my own
But it's kinda' scary
On my own, on my own
Lord overshadow me.