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Macho - Passion
(from the album Freedom)
© copyright 2005, Tunnel Rat Music

It was a cold night, no space in the place to be
Nevertheless, grace must proceed
So He was born in a barn out in Bethlehem
He was born to invest his last breath in man
And resurrect again, let me tell you how the story began
Not unlike many others
Murder and mayhem, betrayal by brothers
But, prior to brother, betrayed by creation
Who heard his voice, but denied invitation
And from the hills to the gutter, no truth was uttered
Disconnected from perfection, of lies they were lovers
Justice was turned back, righteousness stood far
There was no faith to be found in a man’s heart
Until the time came in the perfect timeframe
For Him to revive the deaf, dumb, blind, and lame
By forfeiting heaven for a cross of pain
And He saw my frame
Looked up to the Father in heaven and said
“Forgive them for they know not the righteous way”
But the blood He shed was everlasting
We could lead a life of power, purpose, and passion

It was your passion for me
That led me to my liberty
It was your love that brought me from my darkness to your marvelous light
It was your overwhelming grace
That brought me to your sacred place
And in this world where love and holiness are faded, I can’t live without your passion
There’s a fire that’s burning inside me
Need your spirit to lead me and guide me
And my soul is crying “Holy, holy, holy”, oh the passion
There’s a fire that’s burning inside me
Need your spirit to lead me and guide me
And my soul is crying “Holy, holy, holy”

It was a cold day, the weather reflected the hearts of those
Who proposed to crucify, little did they know
It was He who would choose to die
Know man could take His life
Not a man that could bear those stripes
Ya’ll know I speak about no man but Christ
After blood, sweat, and prayer in the garden
He drank from the cup that prepared my pardon
Held by the sword, this was our Lord
Humbled himself from the wealth and riches of heaven
And became brethren to the poor
With love at the core, so that we would be separated no more
And yet still we ignore
I reflect on His passion
The true definition of faith in action
The firstborn cause in a chain reaction
Of my soul’s redemption, I just can’t imagine (That)


(Donavan Luke Henry):
Holy Lord, so worthy lord
I thank you Lord
For your mercy and your grace
And your passion for me
Brought me to my liberty
Your love upon the tree
You set my spirit free
I’m so grateful, I’m so grateful
O, where would I be
Without your love for me
Where would I be
Without your blood that you shed