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Braille - All the Way Live

Look what the tide dragged in (Braille)
Water splashing Ďgainst the soundproof walls
View the ocean from my deck, raindrops fall with the crashing waves
Sun blaze straight lasting for days
Write rhymes on sand, paper page escape
To the shore, pressures I canít take no more
Surf through the refuge in a wet suit
Let the cam crews catch my best moves on film
Urban approach, your perceptions tilt
With the angles, catch tans with angels
In a two piece, layed out on the beach
No need for towels, drying off in the heat
Rocking beats coast to coast, worldwide
No stunts or actors, we all the way live
Rocking beats coast to coast, worldwide
No special effects, check it, we all the way live

All the way live, from my beach to yours
We rock, so let the sandcastles form
Exploring this new culture combination
Aquatic hip-hop is now in formation

Inclined to take life one wave at a time
Top of the world and I rip curled a riptide
Rips my outside outline into the horizon
All the way live when I live in the sea
The sun slaps my back when I come up to breath
Iím an artist of the hardest and hottest degree
Walk with me on the water, and sleep in the sand
Flirting with mermaids, put myself in Godís hands
No maps, I let the ocean guide my path
Follow an endless summer until I collapse
I wonít quit until the final splash
And I craft where even the masters still crash
When waves explode, sunlight reflected reflections from heaven
Love and obsession before I defeat waves with spanned aggression
And sit in the sand, ready for a lesson from me to you
The waterís warm, the sky is blue
The oceanís vast, so many things to do
I built myself a castle and I made it out of sand
Iíma live there until the extinction of man
Isolated, keeping my mind straight
For days will come when land is gone and the water is our fate
Picture it, itíll happen
Surf the life youíve always imagined
And let go of strings attached to the back
Disconnect with currents who sees the path
But itís more than just that


All the way live