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Tech Omega - Good Vs. Evil
(from the album Conscience Content)
© copyright 2005

drop the beat ill drop that flow
we go 1 to the 2 3 and tot he 4//
yall kno how we hot and rock n roll//
d tech bout to drop that soul

Verse 1:
Lyrical my rhyme structure build with foundation//
Build up ideas with constant elevation//
Ya blood racin from every line im blazin//
Use to be chasin and latinas and jamanicans//
More butts then commas and abbrevations//
But now i'm steady wit dominincan shorty datin//
Who vibes to every rap i'm sayin and simply makin//
My game is to serious for kids to be playin//
We call it the game of life this year i'm motivatin//
Heads to start chasin dreams their hearts are facin//
I was dreamin in fact world but i guess now i've awakin//
And i'm visualizin sights of rhymes i'm writing//
Livin life everlastin the past is dying//
And the present begin flying//
And the future has yet to appear to be shining//
This could be my last chance on the mics end//
So i peform like iron mic tyson combin//
A architectural design thats blidin and fightin//
Like the blood of titans and vikins ignitin//
Heated as a battle starter//punches that stay glowin//
Believe it i'm off the charter//when battles is flowin//
Serve more beef then niki parker wit her legs open//


Verse 2:
Possibly me and D might be the next Ra and Eric b//
Wit more flows then tidals waves of violent c//
Most heads consider me a verbal musical prophecy//
Illmatic the way i silently write this oddesey//
So rap wrise if it aint sex emcees ain't toppin me//
I'm nota fighter i'ma rhymer who's on and bustin//
Stylin and with more kicks then dynamics production//
Yo wen it such a touch its bound to get rushin//
The tracks upper cutin heads who thought i was nuttin//
Never need to pump a gun to get my rhymes jumpin//
Cause i stray grindin and inclinin i'm never slumpin//
I drop heavy ish like fat guy just dumpin//
Considered a nerd pharrell but i'm never frontin//
Say i'm braggin naw i get props for rappin//
Artist wise i max out from black attraction//
I'm not thuggin or mackin man im just relaxin//
Wit d over this track of hiphop and jazzin//
So when you here me spit kno its passion//
Samples snappin claps is clapin and your pasin for just hasbeen//
I'm not cocky i'm confident full of complements//