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Tech Omega - Let U All Know
(from the album Theories of Liphe)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1: Tech Omega
I'm a question but don't answer this/
I rip half ya crews like cells that's cancerous/
To leave you dropping half-hearted CDs like Cannibus/
The rap evangelist covered with red, green, black bandanas like this (Africa)/
WFC's the iron hammers the lyricists/
I remember even in the minds of people with amnesia/
Carry mics like a thug carries a heata/
My style's invisible so you can't see the/
Words that will drop and turn a hiphop atheist person into a believer/
Words so hot that I gave the devil a fever/
I clutch mics with a fury and blast a speaker/
As the verbal soundwaves of a preacher/
I fight misery in the actual night/
With this verbal radical mic/
Equipped with this mathematical sight/
Here to battle and fight/
Break misery shackle with might/
To unite In this battle of the light in the darkness.
Regardless, I survive as the hardest rap artist/
Step forward if you want to start this.

Alot of these emcees can't bless though/
Soldier and the Tech-O/
Who wanna really be the first to step yo/
If you do we really have to let you all know

Verse 2: Soldier The Brainchyld
The dedication of my mind outpours from a whirlpool of life's meditation/
Rising from a contained fury flowing inside the frustration/
Of a mental slave, confined to the chains of hell's incarceration/
Search within myself to end this madness/
Fighting wars of inspiration to reach masses/
Trapped to the bands of the captivation/
Of sin, imprisioned to the shackles of the world's segregation/
Realizing my fate as a lyricist/
Living as a madman brought up by the chains of tribulation/
Capture the listener's mind into a state of concentration/
On the Scriptures of Christ, providing an illustration of hope's liberation/
Sacrifice my life into a breath of determination/
To provide a solution of life/
Hoping my passion will mark the new beginnings of this revolution


Verse 3: Tech Omega
I grip mics like a mic disciple like Christ holds the Bible/
My words is survival/
Shorty keep your head up, never let your feelings get suicidal/
Like a 3 year old playing with a rifle/
I'm focused and connected/
Regardless if you love me or not you respect it/
Tech came to bless it/
Got your mind on that nextmanisht/
My life is mad hectic but its a ride when I go forth and step quick/
So before you get stereotypical, listen to the lyrics and check it/
Manifest within it/
My meditation is over my animation of the verbal illustration/
Is in creation to show the force of WFC's determination/
What's up with me and SP? Forget the speculation/
My answer is to wait in the future for my love/
But for now I fight the force to reach my God above/
To let you all know I pass every stereotype/
'Cause half my peoples is white/
If these lyrics ain't tight/
If your not feeling the beats in the form of ?/
I write and recite back to the mic