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Mr. J. Medeiros - Strangers
(from the album Of Gods and Girls)
© copyright 2007

1st verse:
I feel alone in a world were nobody knows me
like a leper at the gates of the city you wont hold me
being my one and only not being the one who owns me
you its funny how you show me no fear of being lonely
but yo, lets see what happens when there's no submission
when your the captain of this ship and i just wont listen
as if i just happened to get out of this stone prison
yo, why you laughing at my feelings right now
like you wont miss them
its, just another blow to the heart
like you know when to start hitting cus my shoulder will drop
holding a rock, frozen till you open a spot
now you throwing the rock hoping to have broken the lock
hold up stop, why you take advantage of my defense
your damaging my reflex i cant manage my secrets
when im standing on regrets deeper then sea gets
im weak from the sleepless nights speaking on respect
just seeing how we get when we let loose
im feeling like we reject to see that truth
its the evidence the proof that were hesitant to use
instead of getting a win it would be better to let us loose
and weather you looking cool like "who's to blame"
or pressuring me to choose which rules to change
im forever your tool in this useless game
together barring the wounds of a useless pain

Repeat x2
i wish i had the courage to say to you
all the words in this song i play for you
Good Bye

2nd verse:
Aight forget it lets get deeper
yo you ain't thinking forever so i ain't either
but yo im scared to be alone so i just cant leave ya
there i said it, yeah its pathetic but i cant deceive ya
and i dont believe ya, being in a moment ain't right
a yo a moments just a second when you hoping for life
and i know you dont agree but when your older you might
i dont mean to condescend you im just showing you light
and this advice i should take with me after we break quickly
walk in the opposite way, all for my sake, simply
so my escape will be easier to make, in me
i lack the strength to leave even when you aching me
i know its taken me a while to say this
i would smile and say "yes" and try to look painless
relying on my eyes more while using my brain less
you new i was your fan base cus beauty is famous
so blame us exclusively, abusively we grew to be
the two who soon will be singing tunes on how things use to be
when i was choosing you and you weren't really choosing me
now i see were through you dont love me your just use to me
and our excuse will be how we remained strangers
and the proof will be written in the same language
the same you the same me the same us
now that we know the truth lets let it change us

Repeat x2
i wish i had the courage to say to you
all the words in this song i play for you
Good Bye

Change feat. Strange Fruit Project and Res from TheProcussions

Soon as I open my eyes, I realize that I could be gone
/ the days of our lives don't take long / and any
moment you blink, might be another golden moment
extinct / and I'm just hoping that you only would
think, maybe re-think / cause my mission's not to kill
or cause friction, it's non-fiction / In every living
man's a walking contradiction / as dark and light
colab to make a full composition / I know experience
is not opted or propositioned / If I chose to not
listen, while I was caught in a spot without a pot to
piss in / I probably wouldn't be spittin' / while I'm
knowing that the block is hot / I stand firm like Al
Sharp's perm and give it all that I've / We're tryin'
to tear down the walls of hate to bring change/ and
some of ya'll screamin' bump the Strange / They just
haters perhaps, either way man they better relax / an
ex-con that's about to relapse / done got a hold of
the mic / cause ya'll brotha's wasn't holdin' it
right, and I'm a flow until the closing of light to
bring change / and then some

I see the times have changed
But in the eyes of some
Yo, we still the same niggaz
Go figure
Parents is cold killers
Killing their seeds
With no conscience, left or right
Not afraid of pulling them triggers
As we enter these troubled times
Sometimes I feel I'm better off
Mumbling rhymes
Cause ya'll ain't trying to listen anyway,
Crumbling minds,
Understand the words spoken from a poet
I know it
We need to bring the love back
And put it in their soul, kid

We all struggle with change but it won't happen fast
God shines through the insecurity on the news casts
Casting fear into the hearts of us all pushing carts through the
Halls Of the market consuming all of these products
That they're saying that will change and sustain our lives
So our wives get on the Atkins daughter's on the biotox,
Father's is asking for pills to kills his depression
But those are only symptoms our guiding light is misdirected

Welcome to the struggle where a poets got to rhyme hustle
going through it blind cus i know its more then mind or muscle
when the Divine humbles my pride crumbles
my eyes bubble with tears making it clear where i stumble
its like im double when in trouble i got two sides
my life's a puddle till the sudden glimpse of blue skies
carry the rain away, it varies from day to day
no matter were we say we've changed
remember Who remains the same
we sending prayers out in His name
with the hopes it might help you cope
giving the praise to God if you felt what i wrote
head nodding till i melt into notes
heart throbbing put a swell in my throat
smooth sailing till we fell of the boat
now we swimming in sin
treading waiting for our ship to come in
deep breath just before the water entered my chest
the Author of Life offers His life vest.