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Grits - Fragmentation
(from the album Factors of the 7)

A mere fragmentation chip off the ole block
with the insulated tubing of a football sock
With stripes being levels of achievement rollin' up my sleeves went and tried to get mine
And this i found, find, that I write rhymes for days please don't praise the latest craze
Is what is leakin' from the deacon speakin', freakin' words like a Miami night club
What's all the hub bub bub
Got bits and particles of my articles piecing' the puzzles
Searchin' for the reason to guzzle
Drinkin' juice that isn't theirs cold as ice from my stares
Faint broken-hearted, fit in non-members credit card they weigh in, swearin' they gonna' stay in
With my spiritual blessings I'm a spend thrift not a tightwad
Keepin' pressure off my chest peaceful sleepin' like good night God
In slumber choppin' lumber propelled thought to crush a mainframe, playin' brain games to maintain, perpetuate the same thing
"We are the world, we are the children, throw your hands to the ceilin'"
Theses fragmentations with high standards aspirations using vocal complications
Keepin' on edge of seat
Thinkin' to yourself, " They're so unique"
Keep your mouth shut you you better not speak 'till my entire satiety satisfies your society my variety is gainin' notoriety...


Show me that MC that is closer by comparison embracing himself trying to stand within my sphere
With metaphoric lines of fantasized rhymes trapped in the abyss of makin' hit wit greatest misses
I'm a lyricist of past and current times in multitudes servin' mental food soul nutrition complications in the way I administer medication causin' congregations to collapse at detonation facing fragmentation from the breakdown of spirit by supernatural chemical reaction to my lyrics
How do you want it east, north, west or south and let this real MC from Tennessee spit game and turn you out...

Eighteenth avenue south side this style was compiled
A reminder what you facin' is simply Bonafied
Southern pride hails from Jacksonville, Florida to Douglas, GA to Birmingham, Alabama now the ville I reside
Some may say this style is simplistic they got it twisted
They missed it though they may dis it there's millions in ghettos listenin'
Tastin' my vocal mystic
My flavors come in linguistics...

My last part of a song ya'll might find odd
I'm here under the assumption that some of ya'll might find God
That's the only reason that GRITS loads clips and shoots verses
To further the kingdom and give the old you rides in herses
Shots breeze now I'm Audi thousand five on the beginning
The beat will fade out but first you'll hear it thinning...

Complete thought is needed to follow this mental poetry three dimensional images appear closer spiritually
If you're hearin' me not with your ears but in your heart make connections with proper grounding your chest is pounding from these fragmentated soundin' compound rhyme elements
Natural born thrillers rawer than Oliver Stone flicks...