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Mr. J. Medeiros - Money feat. Pigeon John
(from the album Of Gods and Girls)
© copyright 2007

1st verse:
Yo the distance between what i want and really need
is often further then id like to believe
i find myself fighting to receive that of those temporary treasures
bent on those various pleasures meant to measure a man
feeling the pressure cus the world got its hand in my wallet
you can call it a habit
when all the worlds a mall you feel the draw of the magnet
if i saw it i had to have it
caught in the traffic were mans happiness is bought like magic
those thoughts are tragic with no logic only madness here
its all a hat trick that got your pockets rocking rabbit ears
i use to laugh in fear, never seeing my blessing
then something happened were i felt the need to be in question
me or my possessions, people or property
i seek to find the lessons that teach to treat each properly
learning to give with no worries on the give back
cus when you dead homeboy what you gonna do with that

it seems funny the meat we're hunting is money
like we bees to honey the queen is hungry for cash
it wont at last we out fast when we out past the last meter we out dash
for the cream, some call it the American dream
be aware of the scheme drowning for that glare in the stream
its the doe if we cant grow we cant move
if we cant let it go then it cant be used

Pigeon John:
Gotta get it I gotta make it multiply
Gotta get it I fidget cause I think I'm a die
Without it I'm a geek girls passing me by
Wanna be extra fly not a tear in the eye
Why lie wanna scrape the freaking rim of the sky
Finally become a guy with a piece of the pie
Not live in a garage get a job with a tie
I'm chasing a mirage but I feel so alive
We gotta get on it I'm hooked like I'm on crack
Give up my moms for a black Cadillac
What's going on with my mind
The black Bono what I'm looking for I can't find
My coffee bill is $220 a month
And that's no refills and its ill I can't front
I'm falling deeper until The Grim Reaper
Takes me but you can still page on my beeper