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Mr. J. Medeiros - Call You
(from the album Of Gods and Girls)
© copyright 2007

1st verse
70 hours a week it amazes me
the power in her feet with no sleep she raised me
a cocktail waitress with three babies
who will not fail in a race to try and save me
from humiliation pain and heartache
and still i dont hesitate to learn it the hard way
she know she cant control that
but i love her every effort it just shows were her souls at
and i know that she hated our poverty
and the clothes donated by the salvation army
but honestly i stare at her honorably
she's more then a mom to me
whole heartedly i say that
knowing there is no pay back
to someone who is constantly giving i just pray that
she knows that i care and love her
i see the cross she bears as she walks through the struggle
and still she remains humble in uncertainty
as her life change with two major brain surgeries
and an insurance agency she gotta argue with
to get the medicine she needs inside her arteries
and though its hard for me to understand just how she does it
i know im a better man because of it
so many traps that us people can fall through
yet the love of your mother still calls you

2nd verse

pops is an ex-marine
and for my mom i know he'd drop everything
reading psalms he'd stop and try to tell me things
he knew i wouldn't understand until i got inside the hell of things
and the bell would ring
and i would go rounds
fighting on a similar road he had to go down
without him id have no sound no soul
and definitely no rock and roll
regardless of the copies i sold he still backs me
reaching for that level as the devil keeps attacking me
is this how it has to be
well if it happens to you then it happens to me
he'd say "that's the meaning of family"
"form a team of the people you love"
"understand me"
he always knew that there was more to me
supporting me, reassuring me
to be proud of being Portuguese
and though im sure that he dont understand how much i love him
the conversation we had and how i learned from them
contemplating with dad on how the worlds turning
concentrating on the good when the bad is hurting someone
i heard from someone "we are the light that shines through"
and it helps to know your family is right behind you
so many cracks that us people can fall through
yet the love of your father still calls you