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Liphe - Love Music
(from the album Picture)
© copyright 2006

Verse 1: Tech Omega
Sheís a beautiful woman with the baddest smile/
The type that be driving me wild with her lavish style/
The type of wife I can picture even having my child/
Play it cool and smooth ainít trying to profile/
I approach the shorty with my style and game/
Like whatís really good ma and whatís your name/
ĎCause Iím quite impressed ma with your style and finesse/
To the way you work Ďem curves when your wearing that dress/
So letís conversate boo letís get to talk for a sec/
ĎCause Iím trying to get to know you see itís more than sex/
You said a lot of brothers step but they donít come correct/
But thatís where the gameís wrong see I show respect/
You got a lot of good traits but your mindís the best/
And the way that you move got me catching my breath/
I acknowledge everything that you speak and you say/
And I love the way you kiss when we flirt and play.

See Iím living them lips and Iím loving them hips/
And Iím, Iím, Iím feeling you miss/
And Iím loving the way that you make me feel/
So let me spit a little game and keep it real.

Verse 2: Dynamics
She got a bit of a belly, but you know what-her ass makes up for it/
And a lovely personality and a face so gorgeous/
I love her outfit, the way your jeans fit/
Plus the hip, the way she move is ridiculous/
Excuse me pretty miss can I talk to you for a bit/
I know youíve been approached by a lot of idiots/
But what Iím saying right now is a Ö/
So I hope you take the time to consider it/
I was impressed-you can see that I waited/
And I really wanted you to get to know who Nate is/
And I want to make love Ďcause sex is overrated/
Plus you ainít like any other chick that I dated/
Infatuated with your physical features/
Plus you got an attitude Ďcause you know youíre a diva/
I was once a doubter but now Iím a believer/
And Iím realizing that I need ya.