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Glue - A lot to say
(from the album Catch as Catch Can)
© copyright 2006

I found god in my boom box, hiding in the high hats,
Trapped under filters and waiting for kickbacks,
Or justice, plus itís, whatever comes first,
We want the worst, to hurt less, and the best to work us up,
Into frenzies, weíll be keeping it sharp,
Trying to drive but the world has got me in park,
My adrenaline gets me going, rolling through midnights,
Into promises hands, where the failure has no rights,
Or the chance for occupation, Iím done with aggravation,
We donít need your separation; Iíll bring the words and music,
You bring the participation,
For every syllable thatís fitted to match, your sprit,
Iíll be filling you with groove, so catch the sequence,
Glue is true life, as honest as it gets,
Putting a bounce in your step and the love in your sex,

Weíve got a lot to say,
And even more to do,
Weíve got 3 mins left,
And then itís up to you,

On the block where I live, itís all respect and peace,
Trying to set examples by handing out strength to the weak,
The peak isnít as far away as you might think,
But itís takes more than contact highs and mixed drinks,
You blink and itís gone, the stage and the lights,
I gamble my moments but always betting on my life,
While you sit and wait for the pawn to move itself,
Iíve been hustling, investing in fresh air for health,
Reasons like this, Iím seeing big waves to ride,
Rare records to find, with history to realign,
Tell a friend what you heard, that glue is on the way,
With a budget of zero and 50 shows to play,
Itís the same old story, but it needs to be told,
From orange county sun to the northeast cold,
You can get an the mindless nonsense somewhere else,
Cause here we try sneak experimental in on stealth,

Weíve got a lot to say,
And even more to do,
Weíve got 2 mins left,
And then itís up to you,

I live to play favorites, in the smoky oxygen,
Doing my best to sing, like Iím Van Morrison,
Driving hard against the current with no sleep until Chicago,
Then crash on the couch of my TBA vatos,
We follow morals where religion is decision of self,
Where youíve been working towards heaven but existing in hell,
Iím telling you, glueís seen the best,
En route to something fresh weíre headed Midwest,
I never tempt fate, I respect her limits,
Keep my hands to myself then fantasize to the image,
Hold up love, itís never too late to manage,
So focused on the punch, you canít feel the damage,
Itís hard to keep the monotony out of the picture,
And quality was a looker and I admit that we miss her,
But each time we deliver better ways and bigger sounds,
Sheís one step closer to coming right back around.

Weíve got a lot to say,
And even more to do
Weíve got 1 mins left,
Then itís up to you

Weíve got a lot to say
And even more to do,
Weíve got 10 seconds left,
And then itís up to you,

Weíve got a lot to say
And even more to do,
Weíve got no time left
Now itís up to you