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Glue - Home town anthem
(from the album Catch as Catch Can)
© copyright 2006

Five nineteen seventy eight, time of birth 11:10pm,
They named me Adam, 2 weeks late starting the trend,
Of being 5 minutes late everywhere that I go,
I swear itís in my blood; honestly itís all I know,
Born in Keene, NH population next to nothing,
Full of small town people waiting for something, Big
To finally happen to make the days pass a easier,
Going over the border to find dope movie theaters
Culture passed by my sleeping suburb,
Until the early 80ís when music changed the world,
Urban stories forced corny ballads out of the spotlight,
Wind pants on cardboard every night,
Little New York, 4 hours north of all the traffic,
1986 stuck in a third grade panic,
Inside when it rained, outside when there was sun,
In a place like this everybody knows everyone.

City to town we connect and build,
From Keene to Cincinnati to Aurora we filled,

We are the G L U E. (Scratch the e with the cd dj)

In 1987 we moved down south charlotte,
Culture shock is the only thing you could call it,
The white backdrop was gone, mixed into color schemes
The mixture was the best thing for me to have seen,
I saw my first beat box on the playground,
After three fights got respect as the new kid in town,
Didnít last long, In 89 we moved back north,
Back to Keene for the financial and emotional support,
Needed help back on our feet, dad quit his job,
He couldnít handle the dead economy or his racist boss,
Keene stayed the same and mom found a career,
We lived in the same apartment until my freshmen year,
Here the winters suck you in and the radio just sucks,
Junior high passed by with bad grades and good luck,
Tough days came and went, parents split ways,
But itís all just life at the end of day,

City to town we connect and build,
From Keene to Cincinnati to Aurora we filled,
Up the area codes and gave you somewhere to be,
We are the G L U E.

I had to Hustle my way through high school, but I got my diploma,
Made my parents proud, I was 2 years sober,
College kids kept me sane, bringing life to the town
Every weekend me and Shalem were holding it down,
Rocking house parties, selling the crowd,
Cops always broke it up when we got to loud
Keene got smaller as our reach extended,
Started traveling to shows and making connections,
But we always came back, for family and relationships,
I loved driving into town from a long road trip,
To see the streets youíve ruled since you knew how to run,
To see the steps of your goals youíve had since you were young,
Keene will always be there as my heaven in the trees,
Iíll always be back in autumn to see the changing of the leaves,
Born and raised to walk the world, looking for the unknown,
I figure everywhere I go, is on my way back home.

City to town we connect and build,
From Keene to Cincinnati to Aurora we filled,
Up the area codes and gave you somewhere to be,
We are the G L U E.

Letís see how many times we can use the world love,
Letís cry for the rhymes about broken trust (no thanks)
Iíd rather talk about the price of health insurance,
Cause at best the medical help; keeps your anxiety current,
Up to date with all the dates youíve never called back,
Potential wifeís with a passion for clothes that are black,
Drunk off paranoia, I walk the streets of aurora,
Convinced around every corner, thereís a coroner
Holding a receipt signed by the hand of god,
Looking to collect his merchandise with body bag and all,
You want to run away, conquering philosophy,
Ask them to stay away from stomping holes in your property,
You built on burning stilts, time is precious but Iíll kill it,
Taking chances like asking Aphrodite for her digits,
Filled to the brim with guilt, But Iím not telling you why,
Confession is only likely to happen on the day we close our eyes,

The staring contest brought us,
Enough tough love, to cover a whole album up,
With analogies and drugs,
Weíve stop taking to avenge our fatherís depression,
I can beat this kiss of death with ambitious progression,
My question have all been statements
Full of security blankets,
Careful about my placement in conversations, so basic,
To the point of being useless and dull,
Stranded in this hotel, with the answers and no one to tell,
Here I am in a sober frenzy, mending the fabric you sent me,
And lately Iím thinking youíre not worth the headache,
Minding my own business, but trying my best to know yours,
Finding a bone predicament to pick until Wifey returns,
Face facts, killing this track canít bring my sanity back,
Yes it can, no it canít, ahhhhhh
Pace through the stacks of your government paper chains,
Give yourself until the last possible day to complain,
In pain I find the creative drive to stay alive,
Fresh out of the coma, my body is ready for the grind,
Signed a treaty with my quiet side to keep his mouth shut,
In agreement with obnoxious pride to give us good luck,

I made it through the tunnel with enough strength left,
To carry me passed the millennium to get my feet wet,
In reading and composing, the life story of a boring,
Nobody dedicated to wake the drowsy world from snoring,
2001 left my

I passed on last chances to start collecting scars,
With serious relationships and dreams of being a superstar,
Between fall and spring I suffered through winter and summer,
Under the New Hampshire skies the stars seem to wonder,
Why youíre staring at them like they have any answers,
Theyíre just hired help paid to make the light dance,
I advanced past the stage of the bars or recycled lust,
And made friendships with people I could trust,
To capture the scenery and talk about the world,
To saturate the scene and let the talent be heard,