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Glue - Stride
(from the album Catch as Catch Can)
© copyright 2006

Talking to myself, I say self, we need a change
The kind that gets you excited to face to the new day,
Waking up, while eating breakfast, keep the blood sugar high,
Fill my nalgene with ice so my throat doesnít get dry,
Itís only 10:30 and my chest is getting tight,
Focus on my breathing squinting in the bright light,
Weíve got errands to run, pay bills to fill potholes,
So itís smooth sailing on the long road,
Finally shaking off last nightís performance,
A poor manís version of a life filled with torment,
By lunchtime youíre already exhausted,
Youíre ready for a nap and some TV. nonsense,
But I canít afford cable so I only get the basic channels,
Who knows how much this more this broken antenna can handle,
Skip the nap and devil box, thereís work to be done,
Kill the past with the motivation cause these problems weigh a ton,

Iím trying to get some motivation,
If you see me broken down and Iíve lost my stride, tell me everything will be allright
Just tell me evev

The repetition will get you, if you donít handle it right,
But Iím not in the position to be giving out advice,
Cause by the afternoon the anxiety blooms,
So Iíll skip work today so I can give myself room,
To catch the sunset, my doctor prescribed one a day,
Helps to fight the infection of realityís evil ways,
It pays to be persistent, to be a story of success,
So Iím rapping to get this tension out of my chest,
Blessed by karmaís opposite, holding it down,
Trying to put positive back on the map,
Relax, by cooking dinner; take it step by step,
Itís been eleven hours straight still havenít slept,
When things get crossed off the list, the panic drifts,
Away from my nervous system, where my heartbeats sips,
My attitude to fuel my passion for music,
Iíll give the world a throwaway and give you the exclusive,

If you see me trying to move, donít let me lose my stride..

I hit the sheets when no oneís looking,
Been flying solo lately,
I stopped cheating on myself,
Now Iím sleeping like a baby,