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Glue - Beat Beat Beat
(from the album Catch as Catch Can)
© copyright 2006

Calling all militant minds to form line,
Never led a stray by these perilous times,
World war 4 is knocking on heavenís door,
But rumors say god doesnít live there anymore,
He was cast away by the inventor,
Of the nail, freewill, and big trap door,
Open me up and see the idea of mechanism,
Gear turning artistry bled dry by prison,
Shapes and sizes define the legend of a majesty,
But Iíd rather be happy with finger-painting my tapestries,
Iím the last recognized but the first to be heard,
Education is the key so everybody saysÖword
Preferred by the herd to perfect my speech,
Cause every nerd in the world needs what I teach,
A radical comic so divine with sonnets,
That my phonics translate to make heavy harmonics,
Iím on it, like the land of real natives,
You got it, like the greed that enslaves us,
To trust, the rush of commercials and billboards,
Selling you hip-hop but we donít need more,
Industry costumes with nothing but volume,
Loud mouth cookie cutters playing the baby boom,
By selling their kids drugs, with a verse and hook,
Come on, get that ghetto slang, get that ghetto look,
Putting the rebellion in the glow of the spotlight,
Shutting up the right with a left and a street fight,
Making yaíll bounce to these tracks like pro tools,
Rule breaking level headed ready to spite these fools,
Yaíll got no clue, what the three can do,
Turn the world on its ear so they can hear the truth,
Lets stretch your nose to see how long it gets,
And watch the liars get smashed by the conduits,
The master plan is in the catch as catch can,
Weíre floating in the water while youíre stuck on the sand,
We need relevance now, apocalypse and takes a million,
A soldier passing down knowledge to my children,
Make them all break, come one impeach the president.
Let the people rise watch the blue collar benefit,
Royalty kicked off the throne in public,
Schools teaching history as an accurate subject,
The future is now but is sounds like yesterday,
Gotta start hearing what the old folks say,
History repeats itís self, history repeats itís self,
Stop. so you can work on mental health,
Blowing up on screen like a government structure,
Cause every line is on point like acupuncture,
Thereís nothing original about what yaíll people do,
We were rocking jerseys in 92í
Switch your message and get the government terrified,
Wake up and stop the spreading of internal genocide,
We got the key to open up your lockjaw,
So you can say something relevant when caught on camera,
Like help me, everybodyís here has gone crazy,
Nah, nowadays most rappers are just lazy
The unassuming publicís been running it for decades,
Crushing skulls for fun no matter youíre gringo or esi,
The message in the syllables is no room for pedestals,
We donít want hydrogenated chemicals