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Glue - Belmont and Clark
(from the album Catch as Catch Can)
© copyright 2006

Iím trying to give back, more than sarcasm and lust,
you gotta know that this class,
ainít big enough for the both of us,
seems like you popular kids never learn,
your tribals tattoos are different than these ciggarettes burns,
jumping through hoops, full time to get medical care
cause having coverage today is so rare,
I need to get better, they want bigger donations,
Iím sick of the weather,so iím looking for locations,
bigger than one horse and smaller than hell,
and iíll get there with nothing but a story to tell,
my idols died by the bad timing of gunpowder,
so itís ironic how much itís provoked us to get louder,
on sidewalks and train cars, packed bars,
and vocal booths, weíre looking for ideas and truth,
for generation need a label, dying for a slogan,
glue has come together to fix whatís been broken.

The topís a lonley place,
But the stars always fall to the bottom,
Iím not leaving this city,
until thereís no doubt that iíve got em,

We make hiphop so yaíll could appreciate,
but then remixed it, so rock kids can relate,
to using double pedals for hardcore screamers,
using a resaaince type of demeanor,
we caused mosh pits, cause head nods are boring,
we burned down the house because we love to keep touring,
weíve got no where to live except in basementís and hotels,
so the name of this song is sell sell sell,
priceless now just wait til the album gets older,
but theme this time is coffee is for closers,
we want the kids to follow and parents to understand,
the difference beteween playing and bleeding for fans
Itís not stress free, but iíve got no one to impress,unless,
you count humans, soldiers,martyrs, and activists,
this is dedicated to the mission of change,
we heard yaíll were bored so weíll try a different game,

The topís a lonley place, repeat
But the stars always fall to the bottom, repeat
Iím not leaving this city, repeat
until thereís no doubt that iíve got em, repeat

This is for role models, fully clothed, drug free,
cold callers, with no budget or publicity,
in a city, where doors slam and cell phones die,
where 2 party systems share the same eyes,
where independent movie theatres keep you sane,
on belmont and clark where angels heal brains,
blame the crowded streets for killing the individual,
where everyone looks fresh from a sex pistols video,
but i stay, to get some work done,to quiet the doubts
play until my words are gone then find the scenic route,
with 30 miles to the gallon keeping you balanced,
from 14 million hands grabbing your talents,
You need a homebase, someplace to relax,
in the arms of medicine and fateís perfect match,
a confirmation of wasted years and torture gone,
a new beginning of full lungs and nothingís wrong,

We always talked, about white chalk and dark water, while
Anxious fathers tried, but neither of us ever bothered,
to alter our course, before the brick wall,
stole the roar from our mouths, and showed us how to dance,
we always hurt but never enough to lose a chance,
we dragged each others feet through the broken glass to advance and
make something out of our broken selves,
with dizzy spells hyperventalating in a paper bag hell,
You destroyed me for the sake of rebuilding,
squeezing my thoughts while the skin was peeling,
revealing the new breed of nice guy, so appealing,
no man made, obstacle, can keep me quiet,
iíd rather kill the pilot and crash into a giant,
i took care of that in a past life, but now the future is worth it
the drugs will balance out but cant make me perfect
forget being nervous, your job is be steady,
you taste the posion, iíll find a remedy,
and mention me, when god wants revenge and names,
iíll be waiting with slingshot rock and good aim

so lick a shot because the bullet tastes good,
bandage the wound because the blood is see through,

and no no no one can see how much you suffer