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Glue - Steal the crown
(from the album Sunset Lodge EP)
© copyright 2005

How far would you go?
To steal the crown from the thief to be number one,
And run the world with compassion and responsible gun,
So far from the right, I can see the damage spreading,
To the school yard fights, the project nights, embedding,
The idea of pitting class versus the hungry,
Just as complicated as pretty versus ugly,
Iím something of an anarchist, with religious vision,
A last minute addition to the left wing mission,
It all started when I stumbled on a set of footprints,
Big enough to step on a million sleeping children,
Iíve tried to find remorse in knowing the enemy, well enough
To play by his rules singing conforming melodies,
I swear the power fetish, letís us, get away with murder,
In a third world country that weíve never even heard of,
Tyrants calling shots right outside your door,
Weíve warned what was coming, but you donít listen anymore,

We were taught to always obey,
Now we must fight against what they say.

Survival of the fittest means survival of the quickest,
Itís a sickness to be a pacifist unintentional catalyst
For predators and tough guys, and every stereotype,
So you better start speaking right, ?despite running city blocks, the well is pretty dry,
Energy recycled into killing your own kind,
But thatís the 100 year plan working out perfect,
The invisible giant watches the market and the circuit,
Cannibalize itself, on material wealth,
Now everyone plays for a team and never themselves,
Big muscles and big bank accounts become synonymous,
They persecute free thinkers like they use to do communists,
Respect, itís all for a seven letter word,
Learned from the first time godís voice was heard,
That stirred beauty which corrupted man with contradiction,
So now we live every day to get back what weíre missing,

We were taught to always obey,
Now we must fight against what they say.

Warlords and Presidents, Gang leaders and Parliament,
Warriors and Insurgents, Dictators and terrorists,
Heroís hide in headlines but rebellions never mentioned,
The struggle crumbles under corporate mediaís protection,
They scare you into thinking you canít walk the city blocks,
The Economy dies while the people struggle with the cops,
One manís ego is enough to destroy a world,
All it takes is attractive words and the power to be heard,
In 2004 weíve saw to many examples,
History left bread crumbs the size of world wars,
Follow me back, to day one, to unite people,
Obey only yourself, donít get fooled by good and evil,
in 2005 we have a chance to turn it around,
Bush got reelected but they canít hold us down,
the christian right wants moral values, but god is ashamed
Theyíve been destroying the world in Jesusís name.