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Glue - We need AIM
(from the album Sunset Lodge EP)
© copyright 2005

We demand the release, of an indigenous soldier,
incarcerated in kansas for defending life in South Dakota,
All over the world theyíve seen through the white lies,
and how they made prison the answer to cure cancer of the eyes,
itís so ironic, how a saying used in common english,
could describe our history to crush who isnít with us,
Covered by the blood of our mistakes we walk in shame,
no matter how hard i rebel my people are to blame,
it makes me sick to my stomach,
to know I canít trust it,
a system so corrupt it could watch a hero plummet,
for being one of them, free thinker, sick of it all,
a sacrifice who paid the price to make you evolve,
but spirits are hard to break, itís bigger than skin and bones,
you canít beat the life out of what you canít hold,
the governmentís always been scared of what they donít control,
this isnít like trying to send cool hand luke to the hole,
This is real life, the innocent are locked in cages,
writing pages of passion to get through the awful stages,
of death a little quicker, to travel through the walls,
to be a ghost on the outside and answer your families calls,
even if the eagle falls, the rescue is coming,
keep yourself alive Leonard, time never stops running,
I'm gunning for the judge, to kill the grudge, iíll use blanks,
itís like shooting fish in a barrel when youíre aiming at the think tank,

Weíve got a fistful of peace raised ready to clash,
into the spine of a demon to distract him from our flight path,
straight passed the pearly gates, aiming for the big estate,
with a house as white as the president who still takes,
his precious life for granted, with their ability to pardon,
one innocent man and get the rebuilding process started,
I'm talking to you through housewives, listeners,
handcuffed prisoners, atheists to shaman, teachers to ministers,
youíre lazy america, hazy eyes tainted red,
bloodshot from smoking pot, forgetting martyrs who bled,
Since 1975 they canít admit they were wrong,
2 life sentences, to keep the secret where it belongs,
They tried to assassinate, he escaped, but was caught,
He got 7 more years and three brothers in war shot,
Cover up AIM deaths, donít stop until the spirit is killed,
They want the land to be empty but every cell to be filled
crazy horse is the source until the life is reclaimed,
donít let him find obscurity, keep chanting his name,
for the wrongful imprisonment, convictions and lies,
fabricated stories, big brother wearing a disguise,
Read prison writings and found a warrior in sun dance,
looking for an end or be given a fair chance,
he paid the price for their mistake, what else do you want?
Leonard Peltier is the reason, we circle march during haunt,

Leonard Peltier, Leonard Peltier
the struggle, corruption, must stop at 30 years,
organize, revolution, gotta get him free
why is that? justice justice