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Glue - Early morning silence
(from the album Sunset Lodge EP)
© copyright 2005

My is Paradise is gone and you have thirty seconds to wake up,
From a nightmare with a flooding rush, with memories,
Like this one, caressing your inventive side,
I find pride is my enemy most of the time,
Obsessed with finding answers, guided by voices,
The choices Iíve made have been cancerous,
Supposed this, were you, tell me how would you live,
Energy all spent with nothing left to give,
Except a rib and your blessing to be free,
Doesnít sound much like a fair trade to me,
Obviously it was finding the better of both Worlds
No matter how much it hurts and we both deserve,
The company that we keep to let us get good sleep,
Iím not weak right now, but itís not worth it to eat,
It was never part of the plan to end us like this,
But Iím not trying to die for the things I canít admit,

This morning I woke up, the ceiling was spinning,
My eyes couldnít adjust, the sun was beginning,
To pry open the shades and burn through cotton skies,
I reached over to hold you but you were as cold as night,
The room was hot, but your body felt different,
I tried to wake you up, but your head never lifted,
I was whispering into your ear, please donít leave,
She was sleeping in godís arms where I couldnít reach,
Her face was against my chest, the silence was singing,
The song of innocence, feeling like children, again
The moment was stuck, I couldnít breath,
I screamed for someone to help us up hereÖplease.
Nobody was there, just me and my love,
Wrapped up in the blankets that meant so much,
Touching her skin against mine, the life slipped away,
God stole my heart, but left my body here to stay,

Went to sleep early, You have to be at school by 8
Got out my flashlight to write and not keep her awake,
I stay up to late, always tired in the morning,
Sheís kisses me goodbye while I'm half asleep yawning,
Itís not that Iím lazy; Iíve got things to do,
Not trying to say my art is more important that you,
My epiphanies are killing me, but Iím keeping it quiet,
I love to see see angels painting on the inside of her eyelids,
Locked at the legs, if I move sheíll wake up,
So I stay in this position till my whole bodies numb,
When the room is still, I write to the rhythm of her pulse,
Sometimes you roll over and try to mumble goodnight,
I laugh because your hair is always sticking up to the right,
Brush it away from your face because your smile is on,
Whisper goodnight my love and turn my flashlight off.