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Glue - Winners Never Sleep
(from the album Seconds away)
© copyright 2003

My head rests on a pillow with 2 faces and so many memories
I sleep with blankets that fight cold and heartache at the same time
I leave the window open so the night can see me play dead
my eyes are shut and my wondering mind has been fed
see the carpets been run from the constant pacing back and forth
north of my disappointment the bathroom mirror shattered with the force
the heat wont work and the bills are piling quickly the cell phones been shut off
and that outside world is trying to find me
I cant reach out, my illusion sprouts out in a most unlikely places
because I'm a cliché now referring to my condition as faceless
the door is cracked into splinters and now my knuckles are torn
limiting my options to a new love or being reborn
the lights are dim and all the usual shadows are different
I hear the creaks in the floor they're from the demons coming to visit
books save me for a moment but they always have a last page
I read the introduction 50 times and hope for a change
the sink is never full the refrigerator is empty the milk is sour
I've analyzed everything to the point of first glance to being a coward
the fan used to put me to sleep, but now it lectures me on my problems (blah blah blah)
trying to find the cold hold heart that we shared
blared at top volume
this room reminds me of laughing
so now I close my eyes to go back to the nights when I was enlightened
burning the wick at both ends I knew something had to give
leaving fire damage on the walls is a mark of how we live
"what do you mean?"
"I know what he means...come here...listen to this"

ill change my rules to make it all so easy
but you lost your chance and grew up to be your own escape
now I interpret every word a little different
why do I make these promises I know I cant keep
because honesty is more attractive and now I find out that winners never sleep
why do I make these promises I can't keep
because honesty is more attractive and winners don't sleep
"I guess I'm kind of thinking about my own girlfriend sometimes when I get on
stage I kind of think about be up here performing and I d hear her laugh...I guess I kind of miss her..."
*crowd laughs*
"what? think that's funny?"
6 months later all my headaches are gone…..
and I take responsibility for all the ignoring that I did and I regret acting
like an adult when I was a little kid
now I pass out with the TV on at 4 o clock in the morning,
waking up every hour and writing down every dreams warning
and it seems that every one I talk to experiences the same thing
being abandoned is more of a world epidemic than suffering
now the questions always been there but no one says the answers
I depend on my instincts to alert me of danger
but those same instincts formed an alliance with my emotions,
Letting me follow a pipe dream in a stream where i'm floating,
Next to the road less traveled, next to a burning house,
Sometimes I'd close my eyes and imagine myself on the couch,
Lost in the abyss of a comfortable Sunday afternoon,
Content to be feeding off of securities hidden doom,
But my success is guaranteed no matter who likes this song,
And it will never replace the fact that sometimes you don't belong,
Here in my bedroom claming next to the wall privileges,
Acting as if character and my blue blanket mixes,
Into a faultless portrait and I wouldn't want to spoil it,
But if the scene comes together I'd be the first to admit,
That most painters are just fiction writers minus the words,
While most liars have bodies that only speak with their curves,
See that world wasn't meant for me and I'll never visit again,
But the memory surfaces so I erase it now and then.