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Glue - No Helping
(from the album Seconds away)
© copyright 2003

Without the help of anyone, I'm all alone with a lonely image
Without what we've become, one more chance, that's all I ask all with none to give,
Live your life as only you can, what I want is not important,
You can go on without me, because I'm an anchor with the power to speak,
I'm a good talker obsessed with you happiness and should I admit to being a mess,
You're now the person I nightmare about and wake up screaming,
Revealing to god for once, I'm at a crucial loss for words,
And that early morning banging on my window is lost in a blur,
In prayer, I swear not to let this sidetrack my progress,
But every answer that I discover tests my human logic,
There's too much to handle on the swinging emotion machine,
If it's not the past then it's the future and I have never met the present until now,
And it's unwrapped all over this apartment, starting that torture session
Earlier than I was ready, steady aim to take me under into the dark water of your fear,
Without you I'm just myself, when I look at it again,
I'm just one half of that dynamic duo
You're absence has taken a toll on what I considered true,
I'm reformed by empty room's just to see the street lamp's view,
Every second is counted just trying to keep myself,
Walking downtown in a blizzard just to freeze away the misery,
Nothing is to mysterious, there are no more clues to be located,
And all my options are melting with the snow for the sun's entertainment,
I'm an artist now and I'm starving for my lost lovers touch,
I'm a dysfunctioning human, who lost that mighty power rush,
This fence is made of concrete and those are my initials
But I don't remember putting it up?
It tells the story of how I miss you in blood red,
Bring the moral upon myself, and it tells of deformities spells, where the memory dwells,
Trying to get my water with a broken rope that's hanging over the well,
You should never touch the sky if your partners afraid of heights,
You should never raise your voice if you're no good at winning fights,
This material is priceless to friends and family but worthless to corporate marketing,
My energy is low from the attack I'm countering,
Tonight was the big moment that I lived in my dreams a thousand times,
Walking up to the front door in a panic with no one by my side,
See the corner is empty and it's to painful to look again,
How come I'm 23 years old and already wondering when it's going to end?
Sadly enough we've just begun and I can't help her find a way,
And she hopes we find each other and guilt is her puppeteer,
Near the end of the road I see the cliff and I wonder if I'll slow down
Everyone around is nervous that the second time will make me drown,
I'll connect the dots just for fun and we'll see where our trouble begun,
You'll find yourself in an empty house at 3am feeling the need to write,
Traveling wont keep me away, it's what's here that makes me stay,
I'm an optimistic, sarcastic rapper, who puts on nightly plays,
Pushing the limits of being kind,
I always end of losing, but not this time,
The world is different today; I took my glasses off just to see the lights,
And if they could only see what I see then no one would lose sight of understanding,
It's that common language of respect that wins the war for human advancing,
Forget the cliché rants about genders that never has a point,
I want to make some headway by rebuilding all your broken joints,
Why does commitment keep me homeless?
This time it's real I lost everything.
Soul mates are born in the heat of the moment and I'm love with the way the sirens sing,
To much to sacrificed for no better reason than your crushed pride,
It's too late to go back to the past, waiting is never justified,
No more restrictions, no more normal lacy, no more grabbing words out of thin air,
>From now on we second the record straight forgetting never to compare,
No more concentrated efforts, right now writing is my therapy,
Twisted back with the pens off balance psychology,
Every obnoxious girl song was worth it….I stand by their meanings,
Every double meaning word was worth it…. I don't regret retreating,
Every self defeating decision was worth it,
Redecorating your walls, every screaming psycho breakdown was worth it,
Reinventing the crawl.
Back to square one, no choice but to get a replacement smile,
So get used to this trusty listener,
Welcome to my new life style,
I brought this upon myself, but there will be no more victims here,
And I'll use this as ammunition for my no secrets career.