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Glue - Lullaby for the Sun
(from the album Seconds away)
© copyright 2003

This is a lullaby for the sun,
Who has yet to see what I've become,
I'm a night time stranger leaving no footprints in the mud,
I've drained my life savings playing songs into the air,
Believing the fact that I'm the only person that cares,
As my heart almost explodes, with every single note,
I almost choke to death forcing the wind out of throat,
End this quote and wrap me up in your blanket of security,
Next to a traveling life that loses touch with reality,
With darkness come the promise of a job the next day,
Playing the moons theme song gliding up a silver stairway
It's that moment of regret it's comfort for people who stare,
Using my torture as an escape to the land of never care,
And they always seem to running away from what's demanding,
As I become the get away car in their silent channeling,
Handling more than my insides allow,
Refusing to entertaining the thoughts of a final bow,
But still bow to connected cords and protect what's important,
This is life on the pavement fighting the millions of distorted useless words,
Bending off curbs, leaving too much to be desired,
And to search for what's missing until your timeline expires,
You can find me here nameless with nothing gain,
Outlining your memories with the colored chalk pieces that remain,
So the harmony makes her way around the animated clouds
Shining down under my feet, letting me know I've made her proud,
I've been empty like my suitcase, suffering with scratches,
Keeping my hands warm inside as the blue interior matches,
My frost bitten fingertips slipping into the instrument,
Closing my eyes as the very first note hits,
I'm the shadow that translates, undermining your suppression,
Melting away your chains with the power of confession,
I'm honored to be on the payroll with angelic spirits,
Adding all the ingredients to deliver sonorous treatments,
This what I've become from the mask that I've worn,
Healing on a street corner I'm compelled to have mourn,
As my eyes fall below the waistline I focus on the tide,
Opening the door to this realm, erasing guidelines,
So together we can dream away your man made superstitions,
Constructing magical moments on a newly defined mission,
As I leave you with my energy playing while you're watching,
With a song of explanation for the gift I've been offering,
This is for you……