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Grits - Ghetto Love
(from the album Factors of the 7)

As a child I despised you prayed to get away
Deprived of worldly riches deceived by evil gain
Grew blind over the years saw crime as an escape participation of your innocence taken contemplated
Due to the situation my time in your presence was limited by parental discretion of livin' status
My gladdest days was packing at night to leave the pits en route to Douglas, GA on the midnight train
While the same circumstances made my people maintain, never complained, sports and women gave our name ghetto fame
Sustained foundational lessons of life that I obtained through tribulations and trials came wisdom in everything
By guidance of the Lord and His Spirit through my Grandma believin' in His provisions when livin' delivered drama
Still the saga continues in inner cities cross the nation as hatred is created from residential placement
Everybody wanna blame her 'cause they pride ain't the same as it was when they protested, she was last in the game
See the pain that she inflicts is lost respect of the past when it was rude to never speak or walk across others grass
Hustled neighbors just to take out they trash, rake leaves or washin' cars instead of ballin' for cash
Her dependence on government supplications a curse put in reverse producin' people who despises it's worth
Since my birth I've been exposed to many cultures on Earth, but none have left impressions like affections of the ghetto.

Due to the situation my time in your presence my absence is detrimental to the masses in the trenches
From the ghetto to the meadow I hope people hear and let go of the things that's oppressive, stop being possessive.

Terry C:
I've seen beneath the grief as crime increases my mind releases sorrow I'm missin' peace left behind for tomorrow
Like ancient Greek I see all over streets filled with horror like a false sense of relief some say we lost it in the streets
The man above seen the tragedy beneath the glove
Imagine me with no capacity for ghetto love
I dug rapidly and force for a better source throughout the southeast, west and north
I suggest we come forth with GRITS to rectify our crucial conflict
Connect the wire before time expire then split
Don't forget all through the terrorism there is wisdom, but all you hear is negativism and the criticism
If we could transfer from a blur, visions endure and make the right decisions
Happiness will occur we'll be a team like home and Douglas, GA
My ghetto love, my ghetto stay in my heart to my dyin' day, I pray, ghetto love.