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Glue - Sock Drawer Blues
(from the album Seconds away)
© copyright 2003

Hey mom look at me, no mismatched socks on my feet,
Everything's in perfect order, there's no chaos underneath this huge grin,
Uh oh my sarcasm's been sighted,
But once again it's looks to me like you need to be reminded
About getting me after soccer practice, attach this note to your forehead,
But your reflection's been distorted,
Ever since you lost sense of what's really important,
I've been trapped by myself in this adolescent fortress,
What's in store for my mile stones?
How come I think so adult?
Why do I look around and see no one else,
Why do they obey they were born robots,
I fight back with glares and sidewalk cracks,
Life would be better if I could find this amusing,
But every minute another war ends with me losing,
And I hate fighting, but I can't tell my relatives about the struggle,
They expect me to have a high i.q and bruised knuckles,
Look at me…the superglue with disturbing ideas,
Determined to let kids everywhere see me survive their fears,
Saving my lunch money to buy a bus ticket to the land of no parents,
There I will be king and rule the voiceless victims,
They can't understand why medicine can't make me whole,
And I'm only eight years old and let music heal my soul,
Hey hey hey don't you step out of line young man,
Look into my eyes; do you even know who I am?
All of this and they have no idea that I exist in this skin,
Everything is figured out between my ears and within,
I have the answer to humanities aching diseases,
I can communicate with all of god's creatures.
Yet I still have recess and sit in front of this TV,
Waiting for the time to come when I can leave this helpless body,
So have your teacher conferences, and find a solution,
But I dare you all to find one respected institution,
That can understand how I feel, when I'm not even real,
And life is judged by their naive views and images they steal,
I don't use these ideas that my teachers can't relate to,
Because I know there is no science to explain what I've been through,
In these short years my existence has become completely bare,
>From having this curse till the first second I breathed air,
I dream in historic episodes that I never forget,
As if I'm being trained to understand what hasn't been found yet,
All of this while eating breakfast every morning at 7am,
With the family surrounding the table ending with amen,

They tell me to smile in school pictures,
But I have nothing to smile about; my head has been saturated with questions marks and doubts,
That will obviously last years past my graduation and no kid will ever feel what I cant get away from,
I want simple pleasures in bedtime and playing in sun,
Because I know the universe is coming down on everyone,
And mom is late picking me up today, that figures,
You know it's embarrassing not to depend on what I have to live with,
I wish I could tell them that none of it matters,
They believe that dumbing down hides them as really good actors,
Playing the role of parents but I see them as temporary teachers,
Providing me with reason to hide form the miracle seekers,
They use this as a reason to thank god and ask for repentance,
Cause I am not the cause for them to finish their sentence,
It's the total understanding of all that's existed,
My feet walk to a different theme, lifted, by invisible strings,
The wood sings when I climb the walls, writing the meaning of life in crayons until the night falls,
I understand what life is and what it has to offer,
But I've been deprived of shape to stand at the altar,
My years last three times as long, my body will never catch up to my mind,
Act like toys and video games excite me and I play like its all fine,
I hear them talking around me as if I don't understand,
Using words in-correctly and lying about their fellow man,
There's no prophecy in my voice and even if there was I wouldn't care.
I've been given the gift of healing but have no one to share with,
Prepare for the future and the normal routine,
Fooling everyone I encounter acting like a human being,
Late again she acts like I don't exist, the same routine,
And everyday is just like this; from the back seat I tell her it's ok to my hand,
But she laughs saying, "honey its ok you wouldn't understand"
It drives me sane to know that if she only realized,
That I could see the answer in her tired eyes,
Hopefully dad will see it and watch her slip away,
But it destroys me to see this happens and there is nothing can say,
My curse of comprehension in this premature form,
With the ability to see damage and hear the silent alarms,
All of this while eating dinner every night at 7pm,
With the family surrounding the table ending with amen,
All of this while eating dinner every night at 7pm,
With the family surrounding the table ending with amen,