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Glue - Sober Window Story
(from the album Seconds away)
© copyright 2003

The window tells stories of memories,
Counting the tree's as they fall away,
My adventures are all normal days,
Stepping stones to feel my soul again,
Oh lord reach down and sweep me off my feet with the winds of change,
Expressing all my aches and pains through breathe control and mouth strain,
I'm falling off the side of the earth and I'm landing where the ocean sits,
And it's as dope as early morning silence or when your staring at the stars motionless,
Fresh from god's agenda, maybe the angels went on a bender,
Picking up every fallen body, or reminding every brain that can remember,
With binges of no restriction, using their wings to their advantage,
Reversing every cursing phrase that I said that might have caused damage,
Maybe it's time like this when I can say I truly learned my lesson,
Calling my last road trip that I took, the endless journey to find heaven,
For as long as I remember the headphones have always been distorted,
And I can't figure out what songs I've loved or have truly been important,
Or maybe every song that I have done was only to keep me occupied,
Supplying my heart with beats so it's always satisfied,
Looks like humanity and confusion are once again stuck in an awful tie,
But I'm determined to keep searching myself and never let it slide,
Away from my passion, my disposable cameras out of focus,
But hey, it's the cheapest way to capture moments or when you're view is perfect,
This ride proves the point; the grass is always greener,
Dropping me off into the cities arms to meet a million new creatures.
What am I, and what have I become?
Just another worthless bitter song,
Isolation separation lost within my myself,
Like a cataclysm, a book on a dusty shelf,
I can feel the wheels moving under my resting feet,
I can see the earth rushing past my 30 dollar seat,
I can feel the cold air blowing from the singing vent,
I can feel the guilt coming from the alcoholic's breath,
He next to me collecting his thoughts,
While I'm funnel mine through ink outlets,
And he's praying that some answers are running from the shiny faucet,
But there's nothing there but chlorine, mercury, and those freezing splashes,
And I figure that for every time I touch the sky someone out there crashes,
And burns a ladder rung, that's just how the song is sung,
Your eyes reflection show what we've become,
We are one missing person,
With family to collect our belongings when we pass into that new phase,
But I can't help to think that this is the one that i'm gonna finally save,
So I empty my wallet, with the promise he can stand on his own,
Taking the first steps with him to kill these feelings of being so alone,
That he has to talk to glass companions who abandon him when they are empty,
Laughing at his hanging head when he feels pity for all his failed remedies,
He is just one of countless humans, who have forfeited their logic,
When they can't get past the anger or the face that caused it,
But he doesn't need my money or my advice because he's done with those donations,
He needs to wake up from his nightmare and bask in his sober salvation.
What am I, and what have I become?
Just another worthless bitter song,
Isolation separation lost within my myself,
Like a cataclysm, a book on a dusty shelf,