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Glue - John Kimball
(from the album Seconds away)
© copyright 2003

Life is just a misspelled line walked for selfish gain,
A useless grind that strains your mind eight hours a day,
So I'll stretch my brain and let me muscles weaken,
But I'll be smart enough to run,
And it seems to me that karma's work is never done,
My demand is unanswered, on the way to soul exchange,
Cutting branches to feed the machine so the gears never get strained,
Refrain here, lost my blinders that got me through grade school,
The same day I stared at the sun, rebelling against the rules,'
Now I've grown with my disguise on, molding as plastic,
Melting under god's tears and blaming the devils magic,
I admit that I'm a neophyte with to much decorum,
With a million dope verses but no memory to store them,
And being cute is temporary, so these good looks with carry me,
To the gates of permanence,
Where my old room is sanctuary, chances are I'll lose my breath,
Never trust the oxygen; there have been phrases to be dragged out,
But I leave nothing to be imagined,
There's no good and evil, it's all angelic and venomous,'
And I'm fed up with blaming and depressing let downs,
There is so much more to talk about,
Yeah I've been a problem solved, called to arms by sidewalk sermons,
Using instinct to rethink what the world has been deserving,
It's a self inflicting interesting way of communicating,
With me talking nonsense and dq's hands translating,
Now I'm retreating from the light bulbs having my days and nights switch,
Living it up in a mess of records and cancer sticks,
Makers got truckloads of answers just to patch up my holes,
Slowly dragging my lagging feet over these hot coals,
Let the cobwebs unravel and become straight lines,
Leaving no where for the ambitious spider to climb,
So what if laughter was the answer and all the jokes were enough
So at the end of the day we would only have the day to discuss,
Until then I'll give life to the inanimate
And when the time is right I'll ditch my stride and find a bandwagon to travel in,
Before I go please tell me who I blame for being typical,
Myself, I'm just a dream who gave up on being cynical.
There's no good and evil, it's all angelic and venomous,'
And I'm fed up with blaming and depressing let downs,
There is so much more to talk about,
Now I'm rewriting the ending losing my currency's priority,
A capitalist with ties to the ghost shirt society,
Fulfilling your request to handle this with sobriety,
I'm an activist, who lost the will to topple conformity,
See there's more to reach we barely made it to seven songs deep,
And you should be able to tell from the company I keep,
That this never trip will be my final manuscript,
Titled exhaustion and showing at your local cinema six,
Every time I cough I think that my soul shifts position
And I'm looking to relax and repair my broken condition,
It's the end of compromise and it's the end of all devotion,
And I cant find a cure if I cant stomach the potion,
I've been stuck in this dark room waiting to be centralized,
You think my excuses are fresh now, watch me kill it when it's memorized,
And I've been talking to much so now it's time I pass the flashlight,
djdq give them some superglue for their insides.