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Stephen the Levite - Disconnected
(from the album To Die Is Gain)
© copyright 2006

Verse 1: Stephen the Levite
Disconnected, perspective corrected/
Mind no longer blind to the prime directive/
Eyes open wide yo I spy deception/
With a plumb line the bible is lie detection/
As a believer I perceive the/
Deceiver sowing' seeds of deceit via the media/
Peep the way they reach the receiver to tweak the truth of Jesus/
G's wanna teach ya to bust the heat puff/
The cheeba sleep with a freak and leave her/
With an STD it's deep bruh/
Even your peeps preach to seek for the leeks of Egypt/
Don’t be deceived what you sow you reap bruh/
The meek ones feast but they check the meat 'cause/
The MCs'll feed ya beef with Jesus/
And teach you eat but I beseech ya/
To be the speaker for the priesthood/
Esteem the meat unclean and teach the/
New believer to please the Redeemer/
Push in your seat say peace and leave bruh/
These are the procedures they need to/
See to be the believers they need to be 'cause/
The media's got the weak ones in a sleeper/
But we need the freaks to speak up.

(Disconnected) I'm in the world but I've been/
(Disconnected), I parted ways with old friends/
(Disconnected) I'm separate, I'll say it again/
(Disconnected) I'm (Disconnected) get /
(Disconnected) I'm in the world but I've been/
(Disconnected), I parted ways with old friends/
(Disconnected) I'm separate, I'll say it again/
(Disconnected) I'm (Disconnected) get...//

Verse 2: Stephen the Levite
Disconnected vexed, no longer impressed with/
The next kid trying to flex in the Lexus/
Or the next chick dressed for a chest inspection/
Prepped to get sexed and disrespected/
Dudes wanna move with a crew of fools who maneuver/
The newer coupes and cruisers/
Pursue the mula choose the jewels and the booze over the truth of Yeshua/
Brew abusers spew their puke up/
In sewers, few shoot up with new drugs/
New club, new thugs lumped they dudes/
They came through and let loose slugs with Lugers/
Fueling’ the feud with the blood to prove to the/
Other crew what they do to losers/
The loser crew blew up the club to prove who could fill the most funeral pews up/
This is the pursuit of manure fools trying prove who's crew is cooler/
You just viewed how the beef gets chewed up/
You lose as much as the other crew does/
'Cause you can't get to the new Jeru' in a SCUBA/
Suit or a supped up Subaru plus/
The jewels and the stuff you lust, turns to doodoo/
When God say's "I never know you".


Verse 3: shai linne
Disconnected, eternally blessed, elected/
30 A.D.- see the best rejected/
Wrath in His soul and His flesh injected/
Three days later- He's resurrected/
He's straight major, Mediator, Creator/
You have to behold and check His record/
Immaculate scroll replays data/
His acts from of old- they have to be told/
He fashioned the globe, crafted black holes/
That N.A.S.A. can't probe- better yet detect it/
My deejay's fader sets the method/
But we convey what the text suggested/
The task and the goal- to capture the souls/
Of cats in the hole- they're after the gold/
A freeway straight to disastrous roads/
They need a Savior- let's inspect it/
'Nuff drugs, tough thugs love clubs/
Shrug as they bust slugs cause sins depths are hectic/
Even the 'burbs got pervs and the nerds and the herbs/
Slurring words- more or less expected/
Who's next to flex with His majestic freshness/
Expressed in the blessed message of hesed/
Jesus gave us remade natures/
So we stay prayed up and disconnected.