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Mars ILL - Souled Separately
(from the album Sound Methods)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1:
I'm right here, donít nobody notice the noise Iím making/
Cut with a scalpel Ďcause the music needs a facelift/
Take this and call your dogs off one wrong step and fall off/
After the day Iíll stop speaking, somebody said Iím all talk/
Iíll take a tall glass of content, little splash of fame/
Burn the last 10 songs i wrote wore my ego by the flame/
We buy the same records, but interpretations are different/
I listen with all six senses minus the stench of incense/
Separate spirit and flesh like the back of a promo sticker/
Then discard the latter, Ďcause the inside's what really matters/
Matter of fact, I state the facts and they donít know how to react/
After we battled last week, you was asking for your snaps back/
The trash picks up on Wednesday, put the can out Tuesday night/
It mixed up my split personality, type living his life/
Kids and a wife, dirty diapers, kiss goodnight and pay the rent/
Step out the corners where rap lives, start to make a dent/
Repent for the sleep Iím losing and check the checklist/
Can't believe Iím supposed to save the world all before breakfast/
Well, thatís the curse Iím blessed with, I guess itís cool/
Block the exits and take the rest to school.

I was here before you saw me, making it happen before you noticed/
Taking the road less traveled, eating table scraps from the hopeless/
I know itís where itís at Ďcause itís the only place I know/
Sole purpose shake the world, break it down to watch Ďem grow.

Verse 2:
I've dipped in extravagant wears, right down to the way I style my hair/
manCHILD and dust are the envy of pretty crews everywhere/
I rock new balance 803, sponsorship will get back to me/
I wore the same pair for 3 years, no, theyíre not bound contractually/
Dastardly cunning, double knotted they cover my socks/
Which by the way are tube variety, i know you like them a lot/
I drive down the block in my jeep and itís never been washed/
System bangs, busted speakers, but the music i play is hot/
All the pedestrians stop and watch hear the treble and they dance/
I jump out of the window feeling my army green cargo pant/
Theyíre issued standard, my t-shirts an iron-on transfer/
We made two to rock at our shows, just me and my crew/
I got a little beard, or did i just forget to shave today/
Got 5 colors of the same ball cap and i think its phat/
Some might feel Iím over exaggerated just to say this verse is stupid/
How do you think it sounds when you do it? Itís like that.