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Black Soil Project - New World Order
(from the album Ulterior Motive)

Verse 1: Bobby Bishop
I'm creeping through the center of this core i'm seeing pieces of the/
Beast yo this is worse than we're prepared for we need convincing/
Ammunition and agents with patience our opposition's dishing out tainted/
Entertainment I'm witnessing reality surrounding me the situation's/
Gritty the healing that we need in Sin City i'm a witness of the world's/
Ways daily as I hit the streets I'm praying for a change and I'm not/
Standing for defeat I see a fifteen year old girl giving her innocence/
Away accepting pay just trying to stay another day and I see parents that/
Are frustrated parents that are divided what to do with their teenage/
Son who got kicked out of school for fighting and they feel he lacks/
Respect but the past speaks for itself I wonder how they could expect to/
Have an angel raised in hell cuz instead of reading stories before bed to/
Teach their toddler they were busy getting blazed pumping their veins and/
Sipping bottles and now he feeds on the rap songs they play every/
Day breaking my heart I'm seeing families torn apart cuz the music's/
Glorifying drugs and raping family members it's just another way for them to/
Sell retarted records i'm making my report we need to take a stand and speak/
Out of conviction and live the truth and fizzle contradiction it's time to/
Fly we need to take the time to make our beats and rhymes unique/
We've got to move fast cuz rap just hit it's peak.

Earth as we know it has been contaminated
by the mind bending toxins of fruits and irrigated
either make a mad dash for the border
or prepare yourself for the new world order

Verse 2: Rahlo
I ain't sweating Armageddon that threatens the earth/
I'm setting my weapons of life and death to teach lessons at lyric sessions/
Suggesting, we invest in correcting our whole direction/
Suppression of Smith & Wesson ain't nothing but window dressing/
I'm stopping this whole progression rocking this whole profession/
Unleashing controlled aggression reshaping your whole perception/
No question my whole conception is immaculate/
I smack you with a representation that's highly accurate/
And back it with a pin point precise analysis analogous/
To an amethyst truth sandwiches between a rock and a hard place/
The power balances one of challenges: i.d. 'ing what my seeds talents is/
So we can handle this scandalous new world order/
Rhyme evangelist on the analog tape recorder/
Reporter of the sorta mysteries we leave behind/
When our minds are blind to the sign of the times.


Verse 3: Ryan
I put one foot in the ocean, the other on earth/
My plan has answered the demand to dismantle the curse/
Since birth I've sat and watched the cauldron bubble the subtle/
Implementations of trouble humble I try to reach those who stumble/
I'll never allow the walls of Zion to crumble they mumble/
Cut by the serpent's tongue destined to live life in the golden hills of dung sprung by the materialism/ With their anti-realism and eclipsed vision/
They attempt to make cognizant decisions infringing on my way of living/
With hidden agendas they present to us in silken phraseology/
Reformation of ideology with no apology for their sinful ways/
Like purple haze strange they transmit the glass gaze with the filth of ashtrays/
We designed these last plays this deadly masquerade/
Is relayed like token arcades the weak and frayed/
Are led away to graze in the deadly valleys/
And our children forced to play in alleys venoumous attacks more smooth than ballets/
They hype us up with their pep rallys/
I don't know how they got to be so strong/
But I know they didn't take us tagging along/
One day they're gonna have to pay for their wrong/
And with that final gong we shall all sing the same song/
We will all sing the same song.