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Braille, Sivion, & Kaboose - Heavy Rotation
(from the album Heavy Rotation, Vol. 1)
© copyright 2006

Yo, microphone master coming on the track
The loud speaker blaster, what they chasing after
Thatís the question, weíre searching for answers
Does your path lead to life or disaster
You start running faster, who do you race against
The time in the hour glass is wearing thin
Weíre all wearing skin, weíre all in this flesh
Acting like businessmen, but we got no business since
The wages of sin is death, we canít avoid it
Chase the American dream and get disappointed
Whatís the point of this, I try to point them
In the right direction, and the pastor anointed him
But he didnít feel it, maybe itís more than that
More than a feeling or emotion, more than a moment
How do you teach a man to be consistent
To see the big picture and refocus his vision
Iím fishing for clues in a big sea
This is the big leagues, so much bondage, Iím trying to get free
Rush hour traffic, I just wanna exit
I just wanna understand the meaning to the message
In the music, I wanna know the truth so I can take it
And spread it all over this heavy rotation

Itís the heavy ro, heavy ro, heavy rotation
The world keeps spinning, the world keeps spinning
Itís the heavy ro, heavy ro, heavy rotation
Weíre underrated, weíre highly anticipated
Itís the heavy ro, heavy ro, heavy rotation
Itís been a long time coming but we waited
Can you handle the weight, can you handle the weight
Can you handle this heavy rotation

Sivion on this track again
Iím breaking bread with some brothers that are free from sin
Building bonds, though we utilizing beats and pens
Let this music make a change in the streets of men
As the world turns, let this guiding light be with you
And feed all my children with the wisdom to get through
The hurdles and the barriers from people that dis you
A poor self image and respect is the issue
Get a tissue cuz this dude ainít missing you
Or that crap rock you copped for me to listen to
Man, Iím fixing to get at you cuz my rhymesíll spit at you
With the truth and the proof that your vibe is pitiful
And miniscule, fool, fit the ridicule
Little bitty sounds just right for the kiddy pool
Use this gritty tool worldwide filling many shoes
Heavy rotate feel the great stop to many crews


Thereís no time to waste so I find a place
That I can escape gravityís hold and find the brakes
And do what it takes
Life moves fast, itís not willing to wait
So you might go crash with every chance that youíre willing to take
To fill in the blanks you gotta live it out, learn from mistakes
Enter this race and always run with passion
Take each breath cuz this could be your last one
Reach for the stars, youíre the coming attraction
Life is too short, you gotta take action
Even when you fall and things are drastic
Pick yourself up and hit the gas quick
Hold on tight as you move through the traffic
With your aim steady, no hesitation
Letís get it moving in this heavy rotation

(One two, one two, the world keeps spinning)