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Theory Hazit - My Favorite Hiphop Joint
(from the album Necrology : 102 Reprogrammed)
© copyright 2005

Hey yo, you make me smile, you make me wanna live
Since I was a child you the one I dig
The most high when it came to your beat
Shorties embrace you and they play it in the street
The check one twos and how you rock the mic
You the one everybody wanna sound like
You couldíve cared less about the limelight
You influenced Compton, Queenís Bridge, and Crown Heights

Someday that is just not? how I be
Someday is a nice but ??
They even asked why I give you all of me?
They donít understand itís so much more

I could keep that on repeat without a doubt
Yo, you turned it out and just by word of mouth
You had the whole world in a state of shock
No release date, and you still made it hot
No Source, no Scratch, no Double XL
No Vibe magazines or promotional sales
Nothingís new under the sun, but you had it first
Cats copy sounds and to make matters worse
They sample, loop, and donít give props
But Iím glad that you goní stop that hip-hop and go pop
For nobody, this song hits my heart like Iím star struck
Head over heels plus you inspire all of us


Yo, in my book, past platinum and vibe mics
Thank God somebody rhyme right
Pioneer style, yaíll status couldnít match this
Thatís why Theory Hazit is classic
I feel free, like a runaway slave
From the plantation Iím making my escape
Whether CD or tape, vinyl or 8-track
Calling up the radio station for them to play that


Vibration when I hit the play button
The gem is on, wonít even say nothing
I hate to rewind, but I will
But I ainít trying to ruin this feeling that I feel
I can dance like David or chill
Itís evident, you ainít gotta say that you ill
You everything I want in a song
Well known enemies play this joint and get along
(Like Domino)