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Tedashii - On Now
(from the album Kingdom People)
© copyright 2006

Verse 1: Tedashii
Do you remember when you first got saved/
And felt the feeling of the quenching of the thirst God gave/
Do you remember when your members all were rendered back to sender/
And the feeling of His sealing satisfied like a Snicker/
Thereís relief from the grief of the thief through belief/
So excited about His peace you recited it to your peeps/
So delighted to hit the streets plus excited to win His sheep/
However we passively sever the action we zealously seek/
Fear begins to increase because you notice your peeps/
Would rather celebrate the world than ever embrace His peace/
They seem to find it in sweets, toting holsters of heat/
Finding comfort like the Isley Brothers in between the sheets/
To them the gospel message is foolish and unfulfilling/
So you base the Great Commission on whether or not they feeling you/
The gospelís offensive except to repentive/
So man up for the manna from Heaven and represent Him.

We press our claim we make it plain/
Hey itís on now Phanatikís insane with this thang/
Hey itís on now Elected and chosen to rep/
Main itís on now Itís on now, itís on now (2x)

Verse 2: (Phanatik)
I can remember when heaven made the connection/
And stepped into my section and blessed me with the blessing/
Of a calling and election, He made the call and collection/
I was all in awe of Him plus I was all in for reppiní/
But I can remember when my feet started slipping/
And I almost lost my grip cause I was grappling with dipping/
Into the forbidden to fulfill desires that were hidden/
Not facing temptation with the blatant statement it is written/
Now, isnít it blasphemous to live life like we have to get this lavish lifestyle/
While acting like creaturely happiness is just as important/
As watching our Maker sporting a smile/
While He staring at us while weíre spinning on our access/
This isnít Hell but Iím sure this isnít heaven/
Itís sort of short of a little bit of both cause both of them are present/
In the sense that both are possible/
Watch it the only obstacle stopping you/
From going to one or the other is the God you know


Verse 3:
See acts of sin taxes men, finds a corner and backs you in/
And embarrassment harass men Ďtil you silent like passive men/
Donít let fear grip you, know the Spirit is with you/
And be encouraged cause there are saints that have seen what youíve been through/
We got Phanatik and T-dot on the beat/
Ride with our feet shod with the gospel of peace, we wonít keep quiet/
If the Lord keeps us from cherishing sin or fearing men/
To the point that weíre embarrassed of Him/
So whatís the deezy? We either scared or snared b/
And one of them has got us caught up and we scared to share/
But they wonít beat us into silence and no keeping us quiet/
See we love Him too much just to be kept muzzled and bridled/
My tounge, (yours too) is powerful like shotgun/
Power when it gets left out it gets set on blaze/
Thatís how come I will bridle it and wonít leave it idle/
And let it off unless itís setting off praise.