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Tech Omega - One Last Chance
(from the album Good Vs. Evil)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
Man Id be chilling wit grandmother everyday/
Savor each second before she passed away/
I wouldn't hide and I wouldn't confide/
One last chance to be by right my sisters side/
I'd rub her belly with all my love and pride/
Before I cried and n these tears fell like a tide/
And my heart saw that my beautiful niece died/
I'd think about my grand moms n beautiful niece/
And think about how my cousin got shot in the streets/
Over some beef in a world wit not type of peace/
I would've extended my hand for weeks/
And begin to release a stronger reach/
I'd be holding all these memories knowing that golden/
One last chance to see all your smiles in motion/
Every lost one I've lost I don't understand it/
But I got hand it-if I got the chance id never take life for granted.

Sometimes ya never know it may be ya time to go/
So I spit my heart every time I rhyme and flow

Verse 2:
I would've never cheated my girl n the first place/
Id show her the man who left a smile on her face/
Whod never did waist good love inside of hate/
Id focus and concentrate to show u joy and relate/
When sadness got your tears ready to fall and separate/
Id smack myself for being so very stupid/
Id prove quick that youre my greatest influence/
Every time the tune hits through this music/
Your my crispy cookie my Reeses Pieces/
Girl youre my first true love and please believe this/
Like RUN DMC wit the Addias sneakers/
If I had the chance id hold u tight again/
Tell your my true love passion my best friend/


Verse 3:
Id hold this mic and Id spit fire/
F a jay-z cause Ill never retire/
Id inspire my peoples to fight and reach higher/
Id give my family truth and never become a liar/
Hug them closer n let my tears shine brighter/
Ill never quit on life cause your boys a fighter/
I believe every second of life is truly special/
Become more respectful of them times with my nephew/
Whos growing up and this fast life/
Id blast mics and spit my last rights/
To catch black sights and past strife/
With a sight shining like flash lights/
Understand wrong and see thats right/
Pray and ask Christ just to show me a life wit out living wrong/
And make this a reality instead of just another song.