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Tech Omega - Trained By Words
(from the album Picture)
© copyright 2007

Verse 1:
Iím a lone warrior; swing my fist like Jab Juda/
With the force that will blow your dreams on the scenes like Freddy Kruggar/
The force of my flows bites mics like Barracudas/
And my words flow cold like they was stuck in the cooler/
Got you asking whoís the rapper slash producer/
Got they chicks saying they man is really a loser/
Iím a gunner, you a cruiser, you a victim, Iím a shooter/
Youíre weak Iím strong more dope than a pound of Buddha/
Cats love to test my heart get blown on the impact/
I tear hits apart and let it blow on the wind black/
Talk is like money and you decide to spend it/
Left a broken joke with no choice but to end it/
My styleís authentic while you be repping your image/
I kick punchlines so hard I leave the mic dented/
Styleís compared to vintage every line thatís mentioned/
So take notes to the quotes in every rhyme Iím spitting likeÖ

We on the track (scratch) ripping the mic/
Got my man D on the beat Ďcause every line is tight.

Verse 2:
I make my name clear when Iím starting the introduction/
Techís on and busting and Dís behind the production/
Fake flows and get rolled up more than a Dutch man/
For thinking you was touching any tracks I was crushing/
A sucker for butts man I keep the ladies blushing/
One look alone will have your lady moaning and cussing/
I bag a few chicks when it comes to this music/
I treat it like NIKE fam I just do it/
A lot of cats claim they game is better than prove it/
Most def technically looking so stupid/
I drop 16ís now Iím killing the shine/
Iím like an architectural clock, Iím building my time/
Heads feeling the line, they feeling me grind/
Basically the real kind just be feeling my rhymes/
I donít talk money talk I be speaking the art/
Open your mind and eyes and look deep in my art.