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Tech Omega - Itís Like
(from the album Tech-Knowlogy)
© copyright 2006

So much is so wrong and so little is right/
But itís like the suns still shining even when itís night/
So I guess itís so right that Iím feeling itís like/
I gotta write a better life when Iím on that mic/

Verse 1:
They said the world is yours, but I feel I never had it/
Peep the dream of scene of queens turned to addicts/
This canít be real, but the thoughts remain tragic/
See Iím fighting to hack it while we shoot or get blasted/
White mans the baddest while were living in madness/
He smokes and blows ashes and lives so lavish/
please understand we donít know we thinking/
SeeÖlife is changing kids are steadily drinking/
Say school is for a fool but Iím ready to move/
The Fundamentals of success is your mind as a tool/
So I think hard play to win son and never lose/
Two stepping to the freedom my peoples ready to grove/
And slaves...danced for joy when they was deep in the field/
Now we dance to a different tune... Iím reaching for skill/
And I think you got the words that speak and I feel/
Iím trying to give a different definition to keeping it real.


Verse 2:
Iím even that life is math and Iím really battling odds/
And see I refuse to quit see I be speaking it hard/
And see I seen a lot in life that most would never believe/
Church women on the alter and they begging on knees/
Saying Lord please help my soldiers over the seas/
Told me life was war and war is never at ease/
And geeze man the shots and beatings we be seeing/
Got me jumping and leaping and yíall seeing the reason/
See I play it cool man Iím just living my life/
And living the sight talk game but Iím spitting it hype/
Hustle on the stacks fam catch me dipping and night/
Treat the topic like sex I be hitting it right/
See Iím rocking mean show Iím just living my dream bro/
So I smoke a cold cig I be blowing my steam slow/
Stressed on my mind trying to live this line/
I guess its all good it did help me write that rhyme like/