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Redeemed Thought - Bang Ya Head
(from the album Truth, Beauty, Goodness)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
Yo, my God created multiple dimensions and people to live in them/
And when they messed up my God prophesied plans to forgive them/
Redemption in motion but first He over-flowed the ocean/
My God left man baffled, babbling, causing commotion/
Jehovah’s Chosen arose, the spoken line of the Messiah/
Exposed himself to Moses, left his skin shining Shekinah/
Guiding Joshua in thirty one triumph’s, pausing the sun/
My God slaughtered masses with 300 men and no guns/
So begun the kingdom, men used representing theocracy/
Even Goliath agrees, screaming, “This king is rocking me!”/
The God of Solomon building a temple on His ottoman/
The God who uses stray arrows to knock men on their bottom ends/
Swallowing Jonah, preserved in the belly of the beast/
Promised us the Prince of Peace through Isaiah 53/
Prophesied the time of His coming in Daniel chapter nine/
No more speech till John the Baptist finds a shoe he won’t untie!

Bang ya’ head! Who said God was dead/
Tell them to “shhh!”, that’s how rumors get spread/
God is alive and well, it ain’t hard to tell/
It’s time to get live and build ‘cause our God is real/
Bang ya head! Who said God was dead/
Tell them to “shhh!”, that’s how rumors get spread/
God is alive and well, it ain’t hard to tell/
open your eyes for real son, yo

Verse 2:
Yo the last verse birthed forth Deity on earth/
On a crash course mission set to free us from the curse/
The Father saying, “this is my Son with whom I’m well pleased”/
The Spirit descending the first glimpse of the Holy Trinity/
“Blessed be the meek,” the Spirit teaches to the multitude/
God in human flesh is rolling with a crew of hopeless dudes/
“I’m going to die and rise again,” He tells them but they don’t get it/
“When I’m ascended on high I’m gonna send the Holy Spirit”/
He healed many men and women, told them that they’ve been forgiven/
Caught religious men’s attention, now they plot to kill him/
Forgot to mention unpopular topics He taught that brought conviction/
Of hearts now hardened hollering calling for crucifixion/
“Give us Barabas” they grabbed God, slapped him and lashed him/
Attached him to the Cross, people laughing while God’s wrath’s on him/
And that’s the cost of eternal life for the lost/
But don’t get it twisted, the gospel doesn’t stop at the cross.


Verse 3:
Ayo He’s back at it again its Mister Immaculate grabbing the win/
Snatching cats from the pin and stomping on Satan’s noggin/
The sovereign, non-offspring conquering coffins/
The God of all things big and small He’s awesome/
From changing Saul into Paul and walking through solid walls/
Fixed flaws, fulfilled the law, died stopping a holocaust/
GOD IS NOT DEAD-Satan’s messing with your head/
Seek for his water and bread or chose death instead/
Blasphemous rappers snatching his title just to be jiggy/
Thinking YHWY’s dead and gone, they’re more dead wrong than Biggie/
Silly humans, the throne is for God and God alone/
Tell me God is dead when you’re left behind and he comes to take me home/
Let it be known: my God is the God who rocks domes/
Whether you like this beat or you’re a false prophet getting stoned/
Jesus is alive, repent before He returns, or regret rejecting Him as the world burns.