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Mars ILL - The Siren Song
(from the album Blue Collar Sessions)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1: manCHILD
She’s hell on cassette but she’s heaven on the microphone/
I’m full grown distain for pleasures, pain, fire and rain/
Try the same blessed methods where the walk and mountains are blamed/
And playing a flashing neon sign so the world can learn the name/
Take the bad moonrise in her eyes and ???? with color/
Silently screaming, believing heightened senses hold the key/
Battling uprisings, move the tide, take a smile at Poseidon/
A cracked glass at my bedside, take a sip at lonely midnight/
Sit tight, there’s a surprise or two around that blind mans curve/
Katty corner to omnipotent, she bellows “she’s got some nerve”/
“Do not disturb” is scrawled across my pair of sleeping eyelids/
I would have rocked the party, but they told me I wasn’t invited/
A cross-bred hybrid, bearing cross talk and minds bent/
Been known to enjoy a little too much poetic license/
Assigning mornings, a thorn in your side, 9 to 5/
Then clock out as that pebble in your shoe, how do you do/
Yeah, you know me, I’m the process, you got addicted to me slowly/
I’m a means to end in sight, how about that gratitude you owe me/
Row the boat, or let it crash upon the rocks until it’s gone/
The siren does karaoke and she knows your favorite song, so sing along.

Verse 2: Jax
Isn’t it funny how the closer you get to goals being reached/
The sweet sound of the siren breaches/
And pulls at the most finely tuned strings of the souls controller/
Just that longer ride wrote that secret code is cracked/
Pressing the buttons is a session, the left right, start with a selection/
To play this game that we call life, some are lulled by the lullaby/
Contemplating suicide or knife slices/
Yo, there’s been times where my eyes cry/
Because I’ve fell victim to the vixens voice/
The choice is made where we meditated wrong/
But my guilt became soothed by the sirens song/
It’s like a melody manipulates my every move/
Her omnipotence makes it hard for me to show her proof/
Actions accommodate to the ways that the waves crash/
That the bravest couldn’t navigate for the passing fears/
So dance to a tune of ruins/
Seductive, when the two are combined, it equals nonproductive/
Direction, please, focus your perception/
And listen to your heart, that’s how you scramble her reception.

Verse 3: manCHILD
It’s the walk of shame, blind drunken stupor/
I’m stumbling over blood alcohol level, shadowboxing with the future/
Rocking two for one techniques, you forgot to stop and think/
About the direction of your next 12 steps, headed towards perfection/
One foot in front of the last, passerby grabbed a picture/
But she’s standing by the cliff and she’s gripping a fifth of liquor/
This sister sipping your soul, slipping visions that she offered/
Listen close to what she’s spitting, you’re fishing in troubled waters/
But she intrigues me still, I don’t want her song to stop/
That’s why thousands here before me drifted slowly to the rocks/
She knows just what we’ve got and she can see the way I felt/
How to try to change the world but nobody wanted to help/
So i stand face to face with the time that I can’t waste/
About to put a dent in the side of the antichrists fan base/
Dig in with my heels, work the field, and change the landscape/
Make naysayers eat their words and choke upon their bland tapes/
Fan blades turns man everywhere to slaves/
Understand greatness and humility and patience and denial/
But she’s hell on the record and she’s heaven on the airwaves/
Next time you hear the siren, change the station on the dial.