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Timothy Brindle - Fruit Inspection
(from the album Killing Sin)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
Yo itís so strange how so many folks claim/
Theyíre born again when their lives are showing no change/
Listen while Iím spitting/
If you go about your sinning without conviction/
you should doubt your christian/
The devil tricks people that theyíre saved/
When theyíre sleepin in their grave still to evil theyíre a slave
So examine yourself/
Are you in the Faith or are you just a slave to sinís glamour and wealth/
ĎCause you seek finer things and seem fond of sin/
But please read 1 John 3:9,10/
ĎCause itís a warning dog-It shows if youíre a fraud/
And that this is impossible if youíve been born of God/
To live habitually sinful/
At least hear it from Christ if you donít wanna listen to Brindle/
Please understand this-Jesus demands it/
Those who really love him will keep his commandments.

Killing Sin is not a prescription of how to be forgiven/
Itís a description of the Christian who is forgiven
By trusting in the risen Christ who took our wrath and affliction/
Killing Sin is not a prescription of how to be forgiven/
But itís a description of the Christian who is forgiven/
And the Spirit now convicts them to put off and kill their sick sin

Verse 2:
Iím a make this as basic as can be/
They say a saved saint is like a tree/
Since their faith is in Christ, their rootís in the soil/
So theyíre saved for life and their fruit isnít spoil/
So it makes since that if the root is alive/
The dead branches fall off but their fruits gonna thrive/
But if thereís no evidence of a changed life/
Sinís a claimed price so youíre still dead in sin/
So, Jesus is Lord your lips confess/
But Killing Sin is that confessionís lithmus test/
If perhaps the truth is that youíre lacking proof/
With absent fruit, the axe is at the root/
So, letís be specific/
You say, ďBut God knows my heart.Ē Yeah, He knows that itís desperately wicked/
So, you can repent and accept the truth dude/
Or else when you meet Christ hear, ďI never knew you.Ē/
So letís start from the top-Your heart is a rock/
You must trust Christís death for your charges to drop/
No repent pretenders and present your members/
To Him who does contenders like fender benders/
I aint saying that Iím flawless from sin/
Iím saying when I fall I go to the cross and repent/
And just Ďcause we believe in eternal security/
Donít mean weíre not concerned with personal purity/
ĎCause those whoíve been elected, chosen and predestined/
Wonít rest till the day our souls have been perfected/
So weíll work out our salvation with fear and trembling/
But give God the glory knowing itís His spiritís rendering.