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Mars ILL - Redefine
(from the album Blue Collar Sessions)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1:
Sucker punch the modern ominous popular dialogue/
Rock the populous with movements so monstrous moves God/
We use the truth to move propeller blades-We’re cruising through the atmosphere/
We’re stealing fears with passions tears to keep the everlasting here/
With classic gear we’ll change my calloused peers/
The futures passing near/
They catch a clear determined case of graphic style so grab your ear/
We’re inventing the wheel again, it had to happen/
In fact it turns different you’ll have to redesign your backspin/
And redefine divine each time we need the blind to see/
Stretch and seek you find I read your mind so you’re rewinding me/
The second time they’ll find that its hieroglyphic encrypted/
Third listen they’ll remember the thought was rather simplistic/
Fourth and fifth they’ll think I’m gifted-The sixth that I’m a mystic/
Numbers seven and eight debated whether the main point because they missed it/
And once you heard it nine times Mars Ill becomes a habit/
And after ten rotations they’ll decide that this is classic/
Yeah once you heard it nine times Mars Ill becomes a habit/
After ten long years they’ll still remember this was classic.

Verse 2:
I’m a student fluent in the ruins of human nature/
Viewing players change the rules when their crews choose to stay in the paper/
Any takers loop the noose to hang perception out to dry/
My reflection turned his back and wouldn’t look me in the eye/
I tried to get with the program-mobbers will listen to slow jams/
So man could understand the process that leads to progress/
So just for starters ends begins and stops with every second/
Up is down, left is right, good is bad, and first is second/
Every single seconds a year, and what’s beautiful turns ugly/
Arrogance changes to fear for every hand that tries to touch me/
Study amounts to ignorance, the peaceful become militant/
Black changes to white and bypassers are now the participants/
The hardest critics are feeling this, reviews written by the illiterate/
Freaks gain popularity, outcasts granted membership/
And everything is different but it meshes and it rhymes/
‘Cause its one fine day when everything is redefined.

Verse 3:
Here take that, its my original ticket stub for payback/
Just another drop in the bucket, record needle in a haystack/
They race around an 8 track, outdated time to face facts/
That while they’re here to make cash, we’re sent simply to break backs/
? beatdown baby seal style and a black cop smile for the cameras /
Protect your neck and welcome to Atlanta/
My shore line war crime comes in a roughneck subtext/
Split a verse in half to get the whole world upset/
So whats next door, surprised to find the chalk outlined/
Design around the future fallen leaders thats supposed to know the time/
Call all the speakers to the floor, the chosen closed their mind/
Tear it down to build again and fence me in with every sound/
Revolution starts in the heart and moves together with the tactics/
You cant give a round of applause, you only got one hand to clap with/
Here’s a black that’s aligned with the divine, you know the deal/
Mars Ill here to redefine how music makes you feel.