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Timothy Brindle - Fix Your Eyes
(from the album Killing Sin)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
Lord, fix our eyes to see sinís the sickest lie/
Itís not your blessings, Youíre the richest prize/
Fix our eyes at times theyíre hypnotized/
By our wickedness and its disguise/
If we canít see your beauty fix our eyes/
Youíre glory shines but itís eclipsed by pride/
When I listen then your lips reply/
ďThe Word of God is your sufficient guideĒ/
It simplifies who Jesus is/
A man who can sympathize with our weaknesses/
So He insists we pray to find belief/
ĎCause weíll receive grace in our time of need/
Plus Heís the eternal reigning Master/
Who created mass and made the space for NASA/
So if He can change this cat into a praising rapper/
Heís able to save you from great disaster/
If He already provided the grace that will save/
Then Heíll surely provide a way of escape/
From the longest temptation with the strongest sensation/
Heíll help you endure with the calmest of patience/
Heíll take you from a former porno addict/
Who was born with habits to perform this wackness/
But Iím not longer torn to havoc/
ĎCause Iím much more satisfied by the Lord of Sabbath/
(Címon) And now I abhor the practice/
Of crawling back into my own corpse and casket/
Plus Iím no longer conformed to Havoc/
Iím being transformed more and more with gladness.

Look to Jesus and fix your eyes on Him/
He endured the cross and died for sin/
Look to Jesus and fix your eyes on Him/
We too were crucified to die to sin/

Look to Jesus and fix your eyes on Him/
He died only to rise again to Joy/
Look to Jesus and fix your eyes on Him/
Abide in His Word let His word abide within

Verse 2:
This is for my peers who get weary whenever/
Youíre fighting sin-you need a superior pleasure/
So drink of Christ your soul will get thirsty/
Though youíre worthy of wrath, youíll only get mercy/
He hasnít restrained His loving faithfulness/
His blood erased our sins, be glad and amazed/
He lavished his grace from his patient lips/
So come and take a sip, be happy with praise/
Jehovah is gracious that should motivate us/
To put off our sin until our souls are blameless/
And though we wonít reach this perfection/
ĎTil weíre seated in Heaven, keep eagerly pressing/
Rejoice Heís patient/
Next time youíre tempted to sin consider the choice youíre faced with/
Choose sin which makes war, destroys the soul/
Or choose Him whoís way more enjoyable/
Christ is doper infinitely/
But you only know this if you know Him intimately/
Here goes some dope advice/
Consider everything trash in comparison to knowing Christ/
Though sinís truly an abomination to me/
Iíll take Christ the personification of beauty/
So donít fret but rest in Him whoís sovereign/
The night I wrote this song He rescued me from falling.


Verse 3:
Heís the awesome reflection of His Fatherís perfection/
Heís worthy of our highest thoughts and affections/
So banish all low thoughts of Him/
Without Him weíre astronauts with no oxygen/
Stay focused saints on Jehovahís face/
He knows your aches, come boldly to His throne of grace/
ĎCause Heís resurrected and Heís risen/
So we intercede and weíre seen as acceptable and forgiven/
You look stressed but put to death/
Your crooked flesh, follow in Christ footsteps/
All His servants rehearse His story/
First we died ourself than its eternal glory/
Since He endured the cross, letís endure the race/
So at the pearly gates we seek His worthy face/
And weíll surely say BOY HEíS GORGEOUS/
Now letís bear our cross for this joy before us.