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Grits - Kickin' mo rhymes
(from the album Mental Releases)

1st Verse

Brotha's do gymnastics from tactics, we punt like those bullets that's hollow in the front, we split
foreheads... Attack and call us wack 'cause we pack like pickle peppers... Pages of rage yet engage
in non violence... No vest for my chest so vex is in my face what set do I be claimin' is aggravating
foes... Colleges sweat thee deeper level rhymes I print not so photogenital cause peace and love I


I represent, I represent
Cause I don't really care what they say
And I don't really care what they do
Cause I believe in brothas claiming true anyway

2nd Verse

Spittin' lyrical acid on plastic it's drastic... I must say truly amazing how I stick and pick a
paragraph... For the mass I blast past your current state of thought cause I'm that deeper type of
emcee...My freestyle frantic antics go koo koo and stuff... Even McGruff took a bite out my rhymes
and got stuffed... Now I think it's time for me to go so I'm jetting, regretting the discrepancy peace
and love to my peeps... So watch what you say cause we don't get faded... Your wasting your time
wit me cause I'll just be kickin' mo rhymes...


Yeah, whatever, that what you be sayin'
Doesn't really matter to me, I'm stayin' true
Yeah, whatever, why brothas be trippin'
But it doesn't really matter, cause I know I'm true

3rd Verse

Bisexual midgets parade, invade the temple, but that won't stop the cof from swellin' like a pimple...
So stroll thru the inner catacombs of Gotee, please make sure you keep up, that means to follow
closely... Like that Spanish girl on TV, I guess her name's Lalahni... Don't give in to wicked men
who try to suit me like Armani... Jams by Lisa Lisa, Little Caesars pizza pizza, scarfing down the
goodies from dusk til dawn... Mowing lawns was a chore that didn't make life to cheery... Like the
bully on the block who says I'll make you fear me... Poisonous pirates perforate the punction, but
that's alright we stick together like conjunctions... Functions we'll go to like storms peace will reign...
But the stop the violence brotha has a bullet in his brain... Now where is Ali Baba, I just saw forty
thieves... Senseless looting manifestations of riots, the benign spirit who helps design my lyrics...
Keeps the flow in check, so I don't break my neck... Ah Yeah, keep it tight to avoid tragedy...
Elevate the know how, simpletons disappear magically... Develop complexes driven away like a
Lexus coup... I'm out with mo rhymes troop...