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Redeemed Thought - Soapbox
(from the album Truth, Beauty, Goodness)
© copyright 2005

muzeONE: ďThen the scribe stood on a platform of wood, which they had made for that purpose. And when he had opened the book in the sight of all the people, they stood up. Then the scribe blessed the LORD, the Great God.Ē

Verse 1: Stephen the Levite
Hip Hop is only a soapbox, Redeemed Thought does the work of watchman/
Like prophets proselytizing backpackers with walkmen/
Soldiers infiltrating the subterranean nation/
Regain the territory Satan is presently reining in/
Weíre ambassadors like 2 Corinthians 5:20/
The gospel is free, rock a show without asking for money/
This is ministry the RT will never conform to industry/
This is bigger than rap cats is dying out in the streets and I gotta preach/
Yo there mad lost that we need to reach/
And Iím sad to say thereís a lot of dumb Christians we need to teach/
ĎCause ninety percent of Christians donít witness/
And half of the ten percent left, are better off not opening their lips/
Hip Hopís my soapbox, use it to get my point across/
On city blocks, college campuses and coffee shops/
Folks stop...look and listen to what I drop/
And as long the eyes are on me Iíma lead them to the rock/
Like Moses in Exodus, composing sections of an epic/
Told in the old and new testament paraphrased when we represent/
The God of harvest who rocked skin like a garment conquering sin/
For all men when He died on the cross and rose again/
Like a divine alarm clock of prophecy/
Stopped ticking the day of the first fruit you got me/
Receiving preeminence exceeding everything in existence/
Even Hip Hop can show Him no resistance because...

Itís just a soapbox, stand and deliver the gospel when the beat drops or not, we must feed the flock/
So whether itís a hot beat or an ac[capella]/
Hip Hop serves Redeemed Thought, itís never the opposite/
Itís a soapbox, stand and deliver the gospel when the beat drops or not, we must feed the flock/
So whether itís a hot beat or an ac[capella]/
Hip Hop serves Redeemed Thought; itís never the opposite.

Verse 2: muzeONE
Let me begin my sermon by saying that every track that weíre laying/
Engaging fact through wordplay while imparting substance to vacant hearts/
Sparking cyphers of praying in parking lots and in basements/
Are weightless without the statement of Christís plan of salvation/
Portraying selfish abusals of you becomes unfruitful/
A warning to lukewarm troops ignoring the axe at the root/
So listen to my statement of faith I will impart/
While embarking on historyís account of my hearts patriarch/
God made man, man made sin and death was born/
Our fellowship torn, cursed with thorns, only blood can atone/
This perfect planet created, destroyed by Satanís temptation/
Of Eve and Adam had ate while rebelling Godís proclamation/
Only God himself can suture manís broken future/
So He gave himself a sacrifice to show picture of true love/
Animal sacrifices fell short of required perfection/
But he poured infinite blood out 3 days before resurrection/
All these prior events have been proved tested and tried/
I serve not a dead God, but alive and ascended on high/
I do not praise the wooden cross beams of which my Savior rocked/
So I refuse to use my talents praying to a soapbox/
See, both a cross and soapbox are made from nails and trees/
So worshipping worthless constructions is called idolatry/
I will create no creation that crosses out my Creator/
Who crossed out sin on the cross, an crossed the finish line as Savior.


Verse 3:
(Stephen the Levite)
We stand on top of it, not gonna miss it when God has demolished it/
Rock it but when God says stop it weíll drop it in a hot minute/
Through ací spitting, optics are opened while scriptures are quoted/
Provoking Spirit to flow like h2o causing erosion/
(Stephen the Levite)
When quoting the B-I-B-L-E, potent the speech of Deity/
Spoken to me, Iím free to be broken emcees can see in me/
Excellence that is not in me, shining in cracks in pottery/
Vessel of crappy quality, hiding the Masters lottery/
No Prada or Roca, dwell with my Abba, sip living water/
From Cali to Philly fulfilling Godís will for RTís saga/
Break the necks of idols preaching Jesus is the issue/
While Holy Spirit protects like Tetsuo stalling missiles/
Brain tissue is purchased back by its originator/
Faith in Jesus Christ, the only way to meet your Maker/
(Stephen the Levite)
On good terms-Death is what we should earn for sin/
So you could burn or live if you would turn to Him/
ĎCause it makes sense that since Adamís sin sentenced his innocence/
The expense of repentance would be the sentence of Innocence/
To pay for the sins of men, so God sent ends in a sense/
ĎCause admit it the mention of sin, tenses your inner sense/
One-day hip-hop will burn away, only Godís word is here to stay/
All we like sheep have gone astray but Christ is the only way/
All other beliefs are false like that of Farrakhanís/
Your faith may be sincere, but you can be sincerely wrong.