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Redeemed Thought - Goodnight
(from the album Truth, Beauty, Goodness)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1: Stephen the Levite
I can remember back in Temecula, taken out the trash me and my brother/
Talking intellectual with one another/
Weíd stop and lean on the back of the car, look at the stars/
And talk about Hip Hop, honeys and quasars/
I thought I was so intelligent thought I had it figured out/
Knew all the answers to lifeís questions/
I knew my bible a little, dabbled in Taoism/
Been in a youth group four years, swore I was Christian/
But I knew something was missing, I still felt guilty/
And the sex and music left me empty/
But then my guilt became conviction/
I gave my life to Christ and realized that my first confession was fiction/
And this time thereís something different/
My bibleís finally making sense, I really gotta share this stuff with Vincent/
But since then thereís been division God I wish I was a better Christian/
I pray that you save him Lord I miss him

Verse 2: muzeONE
Sunny southern Cal, the little town of Fallbrook/
Looking back on the years of my life the fall took/
I went from forgotten Sunday school lessons to false professions of faith/
That didnít last past 11th grade/
Graduated early but was far from educated/
Stuck in my sin, not knowing I was separated/
From hard liquor, to kisses from harlots/
Puffing the largest spliffs, displayed my knuckle game with hardened fists/
Yo, my heart was ticked off at God for no reason/
And yet he shined his light upon my heart in due season/
It pleased him to pay for my punishment in place of me/
Replacing the vacancy of my hatred with His grace/
Itís been over 3 years and 3000 miles later/
Sitting in Philly with ability to praise my Savior/
Canít explain it all with doctrine or theology/
But all I know is... I once was blind and now I see...