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Redeemed Thought - Philadelphia
(from the album Truth, Beauty, Goodness)
© copyright 2005

“YHWH saves” chooses men to wage war with tounge lashers/
We spit chaffless with classic script passage with passion/
Live active... climb this mountain of life with staff in hand/
Set feet and stand, a raised cross governs the battle plan/
Failure to uplift the gift gives our regiments busted/
Lips, but a cross raised firmly in the firmament reigns triumphant/
Gravity gains ground triceps got muscle spasms/
Endurance dies out time takes toll on stamina/
I’m about to black out, limbs are limp and vision blurs/
Then I’m suddenly seated on the rock, arms upheld by Aaron and Hur/
Brothers in common bond who lay down our life in koinonia/
This is how the battle is won in Rephidim and Philadelphia!

Stephen the Levite:
We break cheesesteaks, eat grape(s) seeds lace beat/
Scapes reap saved peeps rake streets stay meek/
Make jeans shake hands greet leave grace and/
Peace feast slain lambs meat, priest laid hands/
Sweet savor, the Lord is pleased to be in the midst/
Leviticus three to 1 John 1:3 divine fellowship/
Sip tea, globs and globs of honey please, spit these poems/
Bring the Lord’s sword slit these domes/
Like a light saber slice these clones/
We Philadelphia’s resurrected army like the valley of dry bones/
Whether you dwell in Philly or not let it dwell in you/
Hebrews thirteen one let Philadelphia continue.